Thursday, 25 July 2019

On my birthday I was exceptionally lucky (that is sarcasm) and I got to go quad biking... I hated it, because naturally I was awful at it and had to get on the back of Andy's quad haha. 

The journey takes about 45 minutes to get to a remote village where you all park up and head to the palm tree shelters for shisha and tea. 

I really loved the tea, but the Shisha not so much as I couldn't do it. You are then given the opportunity to walk to the top of a Hill and take some photos, which we of course did. You are also given the option to ride Camels here and the word of warning is that these Camels are not well looked after, in my opinion. 

We decided against the Camel ride as I wasn't convinced that the animals were looked after and wanted to be there, whereas the Camels at the Pyramids were very well looked after and seemed very relaxed and happy. 

If I am being 100% honest, this was a trip I did completely for Andy. The quad biking wasn't for me and the instruction given wasn't great either. I felt the whole trip wasn't very well organised and it seemed that we stopped off at the village just for something to do. If we had the opportunity to do something like this again I would definitely be researching into the best trips to go on and looking for decent instruction and good instructors. 

If you can take anything from this post, please research your trips on TripAdvisor prior to booking anything. We were really lucky with the rest of our trips, but this one was just a little too hit and miss for the price we paid.

Also, don't forget to check out our post about our day trip to Hurghada, here, and all about our hotel here!

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E G Y P T | Day excursion to Hurghada

Thursday, 18 July 2019

One of the number one things to do when you are in Egypt is a day excursion to the Pyramids incorporating a few stop offs to museums and the Sphinx. 

A warning about this trip is the early morning wake up call.. 2:00am to be precise... and they do come slightly early. Onto the coach we headed as we were the first pick up and got to chose our seats. We decided to go in the middle closest to the bathroom and exit, which was a win win. 

The drive is around four hours with a one hour stop off. The Egypt weekend is different to our Saturday and Sunday. We ended up agreeing to go on a weekend day, which of course meant less traffic at rush hour more traffic every other time. 

Our first stop was a lovely river boat tour with traditionally egyptian music. It was sad that the plastic solution problem was really notable here and it made me really sad. I know it's a problem in the UK too, but I suppose I wasn't as conscious of it before... Cheers David Attenborough! 

Next stop was the national museum. To take photographs here you have to pay 150 Egytian pounds for the pass. It was really difficult to take pictures hence the limited snaps as everyone and I mean everyone was knocking into each other and just not caring. I found the museum really interesting and you're given electronic tour guides. This was quite difficult as if your headset didn't work you had to self tour and read the descriptions, which again was not easy as everyone was crowding around. 

The best part was the Tutankhamun exhibition. This was a really interesting, but we were unable to take any photographs or get any footage as they do restrict recording and police it.

Next stop was some food for lunch before we moved onto the pyramids. 

This was a very surreal experience for me as what you imagine the pyramids are like is completely different to being stood in front of them. It is incredible to think they were built so long ago and are still standing. 

The final stop of the day was a trip to the Sphinx. This was such a feat of engineering back in the day and was really beautiful to see. The Sphinx has deteriorated over the years and it's sad that Egypt don't seem to be able to maintain her condition. Our tour guide explained that remedial works to protect her are being undertaken but it isn't well funded and is a tricky job. 

It was then onto the coach for our five hour journey home... We arrived at our hotel around 11:00PM and went straight to the bar for a drink and crashed. 

I would highly recommend this trip as you see and pack so much into such a short space of time. It really is a once in a lifetime experience and everyone who took our tour loved it. It is a long day around a 21 hour day, but 100% worth it. 

We cannot wait to go back Egypt and we've also posted all about our hotel and itinerary here and we've even posted about quad biking! Hopefully you'll find these posts useful for planning your next trip! 

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H U R G H A D A | Travel Time - EGYPT SERIES

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Anyone who has followed us from the beginning knows that we love to Travel! You can check out more of our travel diaries here and she what other parts of this beautiful World we have adventured too!

As a little post university treat and to celebrate me obtaining my First Class Honours Law and Criminal Justice Degree we went on a little adventure to Hurghada in Egypt. Prior to going I was really concerned over our safety. I had read some horror stories and I could just imagine myself and Andy finding ourselves in one of those awful situations. 

Luckily for us we had were really lucky with our Hotel, travel guide and tour guides whilst we were out there. 

On the first day we arrived around 8:00pm at the Seagull Resort & Hotel. We were really lucky as we managed to make it in time for the all inclusive food and drinks. We began our holiday in style by gorging on an insane amount of food and having several cocktails to celebrate officially being away from working life! WOOHOO! 

On the second day we woke up really early to beautiful views from our balcony. I had a cup of green tea, as this was provided for us and we relaxed whilst waiting for breakfast. It was a really peaceful 30 minutes, before downstairs got packed with people running to breakfast and setting up for a day by the pool. This day involved relaxing by the pool and on the hotel's private beach.

Day three was another relaxing day where we planned to do lots of activities. We booked to go to the Pyramids and a day trip to Giza. We arranged to go swimming with dolphins (in the ocean and completely in their own habitat with no touching etc!) and Andy talked me into going Quad biking...

Day four involved heading out to sea to try and locate some dolphin friends to swim with... This was a full day excursion with food, drink and lots of sunbathing. The tour catered for both German, English and other non-native speakers. The team were very knowledgable conservationists who were all highly educated and took us snorkelling to coral reefs. 

The hardest part of this trip for me was seeing coral bleaching even in Egypt. The coral reef we visited was completely white, despite attempts to save it. The reef was still teeming with life, but apparently lost half of the species previously there. This trip really make me take a step back and think about how what we do as humans affects the planet and the delicate eco-systems that exist within it. I really enjoyed this trip and would recommend it to anyone who goes to Hurghada. 

Day five was our trip to the Pyramids, which I will be posting about further on the blog later in the month! 

Day 6 six was the Quad biking, which I will also post about later this month for the Egypt Series. 

Day 7 was a lazy relaxing day whilst we soaked up the last of those rays and on day 8 we had to travel home and go back to reality...

As trips go Egypt is up there with my favourites. The hotel was beautiful and the staff were very accommodating and lovely. I would recommend making sure you have some spare change or notes on you when you arrive as you do get hounded for a tip, even if you don't have any money as Egypt has a closed currency meaning you have to get money whilst out there. 

Each night the food was exquisite with healthy options, fresh meat and new dishes continuously being added. As you can tell from the above pictures I piled on the pounds whilst there but the food was so good. The variety of drinks was really good too and I would recommend asking for sprite and not lemonade. As I found out with Gin, if you ask for a Gin and Lemonade you will be given a Gin and slice of Lemon - my life flashed before my eyes! 

The entertainment was really good whilst we were away with sports played every day and a team trying to get everyone involved. The evening shows were really great apart from the beauty contest, which I ended up partaking in... They really like blonde english girls much to Andy's amusement and my embarrassment. 

Overall, I really rate Hurghada and would love to go back again... There is still a lot of the Country we didn't explore and I think it is a place that could keep giving. We paid approximately £600 for the week plus flights. It was really warm whilst we were there and I couldn't think of a better place to spend a week in September. 

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