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Things to do in Egypt Cairo - Camel riding

One of the number one things to do when you are in Egypt is a day excursion to the Pyramids incorporating a few stop offs to museums and the Sphinx. 

Things to do in Cairo - sightseeing pyramids

A warning about this trip is the early morning wake up call.. 2:00am to be precise... and they do come slightly early. Onto the coach we headed as we were the first pick up and got to chose our seats. We decided to go in the middle closest to the bathroom and exit, which was a win win. 

The drive is around four hours with a one hour stop off. The Egypt weekend is different to our Saturday and Sunday. We ended up agreeing to go on a weekend day, which of course meant less traffic at rush hour more traffic every other time. 

Things to do in Cairo - boat tour

Things to do in Cairo Canal and Boat tour

Things to do in the city of Cairo

Sightseeing in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo River boat tour

Our first stop was a lovely river boat tour with traditionally egyptian music. It was sad that the plastic solution problem was really notable here and it made me really sad. I know it's a problem in the UK too, but I suppose I wasn't as conscious of it before... Cheers David Attenborough! 

Cairo Museums

Cairo - things to do museums sphinx

Next stop was the national museum. To take photographs here you have to pay 150 Egytian pounds for the pass. It was really difficult to take pictures hence the limited snaps as everyone and I mean everyone was knocking into each other and just not caring. I found the museum really interesting and you're given electronic tour guides. This was quite difficult as if your headset didn't work you had to self tour and read the descriptions, which again was not easy as everyone was crowding around. 

The best part was the Tutankhamun exhibition. This was a really interesting, but we were unable to take any photographs or get any footage as they do restrict recording and police it.

Next stop was some food for lunch before we moved onto the pyramids. 

Sightseeing dilapidated city of cairo

Cairo - sightseeing pyramids

Pyramids of Egypt things to do

Things to do in Egypt - pyramids

Things to do in Egypt pyramid sightseeing

This was a very surreal experience for me as what you imagine the pyramids are like is completely different to being stood in front of them. It is incredible to think they were built so long ago and are still standing. 

Things to do in Egypt sightseeing at the sphinx

The final stop of the day was a trip to the Sphinx. This was such a feat of engineering back in the day and was really beautiful to see. The Sphinx has deteriorated over the years and it's sad that Egypt don't seem to be able to maintain her condition. Our tour guide explained that remedial works to protect her are being undertaken but it isn't well funded and is a tricky job. 

It was then onto the coach for our five hour journey home... We arrived at our hotel around 11:00PM and went straight to the bar for a drink and crashed. 

I would highly recommend this trip as you see and pack so much into such a short space of time. It really is a once in a lifetime experience and everyone who took our tour loved it. It is a long day around a 21 hour day, but 100% worth it. 

We cannot wait to go back Egypt and we've also posted all about our hotel and itinerary here and we've even posted about quad biking! Hopefully you'll find these posts useful for planning your next trip! 

Until Next Time 


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  1. This reminds me so much of my trip to Egypt in 2014. My husband and I stayed in Sharm EL sheikh and flew to Cairo for a day trip. I really enjoyed it but was shocked that the town is built so close to the Pyramids. I would like to visit Luxor next time x

  2. Aww I'm glad this brought back lovely memories for you! I would love to go back again as I'd love to visit Sharm El Sheikh xx

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  9. All images are so beautiful. A day trip to the Pyramids in Egypt was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Despite the 2:00 am wake-up call, the journey was worth it. We got on the coach immediately, choosing seats in the middle for quick access to the lavatory and the exit. The four-hour trip, which included a one-hour stopover, gave us time to take in the scenery. Choose a weekend day if you plan a similar journey to avoid peak-hour traffic. I recently learned about a trustworthy and cheap assignment writing service that you might be interested in if you need reliable help with your assignments. Travel safely!


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