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in , by Tori Harrison, May 21, 2020

Finally getting around to posting my review of the Nut & Noggin moisture rich shampoo bar, which I was kindly sent back in the December last year. You will have seen this product featured on my stories during Christmas as it formed part of my Christmas 2019 gift guide!

In 2019, we started trying to make more Eco conscious choices and one of the things that we noticed was a huge issue was the amount of plastic packaging in our bathroom. Apparently recyclable bathroom products account for 40% of UK Landfill and with each Brit consuming approximately 52,000 bathroom items a year that amounts to a LOT of landfill.

Nut & Noggin have created a shampoo bar which is plastic free, sulphate free and good for your hair and the planet. Each bar lasts twice as long as a normal shampoo bottle and £1 from every sale goes towards young people who are facing mental health challenges.

I never recommend products that I don't thoroughly try out myself before hand and it can take several weeks for you to begin to see the benefits of a product. I heavily bleached my hair up until 18 months ago when I got the help of a fantastic new hairdresser. My hair was brittle, dry and in an awful condition. Normal shampoos with harsh chemicals and sulphates were not helping the condition and were progressively making it worse. Heavy conditioning treatments were making my healthy hair greasy and weighing down my fine hair making matters worse. I was in a truly awful hair dilemma and after scouring some hair care blogs I learnt that natural really is best for my damaged hair. 

When Nut & Noggin got in touch to discuss their new product it seemed to initially tick all of my boxes. 

The shampoo bar contains artisan brewed beer which adds amino acids (the building blocks of hair for you biology specialists out there). Flax seed oil adds omega 3 to the product which helps to condition your hair and scalp. All natural ingredients for the good of your hair. 

From my own experience, the product is nourishing and hydrating, which leaves your hair soft and shiny without that waxy gunky residue you can get with heavy products. My hairdresser was honestly shocked at the difference in a few weeks and I haven't touched moisturiser bar the occasional organ oil treatment for a little boost. I used to suffer with a dry and itchy scalp, probably due to the sulphates, but since using Nut & Noggin I haven't had any issues, which is amazing. 

The shampoo bar itself is easy to handle in the shower, you just lather it like a bar of soap and shampoo as you normally would. You instantly get the hint of pomegranate and mint, which not only smells amazing but I found really relaxing and created a little bit of zen after a hectic day. 

One thing I would recommend is not to leave your bar in the bathroom, as like a bar of soap it can get a bit soft. I simply use mine, leave it to stand on the side of our bath until it is dry and then pop it back in the packaging and store in our dressing room. As the packaging is cardboard I also wouldn't recommend leaving it in your bathroom unless you have a storage cupboard. 

Nut & Noggins revolutionary product retails for £15 and is available from their website. You can order yours here and also check out their 177 5 star reviews from certified purchasers. My own experience tells me that each and every person has loved this product as much as I have and I am now 100% converted to all natural and plastic free shampoo products. I no longer need to use conditioner due to the moisturising properties of the shampoo bar so whilst the bar retails a little higher than I would usually pay for shampoo, it lasts twice as long and I don't need to purchase conditioner on top. 

For those wondering, the bar is perfectly safe to use on extensions and has actually brought my own back to life. I'm extremely impressed with the Nut & Noggin shampoo bar and I'm definitely a convert to the au natural life. A huge thank you to Nut & Noggin for sending me this product to review, it is definitely on my re-purchase list but I think it'll be another couple of months before I need to. Good for the environment and my purse strings by the look of things! 

If you do decide to purchase please let me have your thoughts as I love knowing how people perceive our reviews and products we recommend! 

Until Next Time 

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