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in , by Tori Harrison, July 17, 2020

For a long time period I have been looking for some affordable accessories that were eco-friendly and recyclable. I was so shocked from watching divers on YouTube go river diving to clear them of junk or even in the ocean and how many pairs of sunglasses or iPhones they found amongst a thousand and one other items that you thought you had thrown away only to appear as ocean or river junk in other countries. 

Following Coronavirus we had watched the world heal itself before our eyes and I became almost too aware of the impact that I have on the planet and how my addiction to purchasing sunglasses, shoes, clothes and purses was contributing to the plastic pollution issue at an alarming rate. 
The honest truth was I hadn't held myself accountable for my own actions... The worst part is I'm also an absolute sucker for sunglasses and purses amongst every other fashion (or disgracefully fast fashion) item you can imagine. I tried to look into ways I could be more eco-friendly and made a huge effort to be as plastic free as we could, plastic free shampoo (see my post about this here) or toothpaste anyone? But, I realised that the big issue for me was probably my wardrobe! Now eco-friendly stores such as Unicorn in Chorlton do sell eco-friendly clothes, but I, as always, headed straight to accessories and began researching eco-friendly and recyclable alternatives. It was almost as if fate or the universe itself was looking down on me as Intiquilla UK got in touch with me for a collaboration and very kindly gifted me these gorgeous Cork Sunglasses. 

How gorgeous as these?!?! 

A little bit about the brand itself, Intiquilla means sun and moon in Quechua, one of the oldest languages in South America. The nature and sustainability is one of Intiquilla's main focuses when choosing materials and products. I love that Intiquilla focuses on those qualities and also the ethos that they believe keeping the perfect balance between them and nature to ensure that their products promote positive energies and bring this energies into your life. I am a huge believer in the energies of the universe and Intiquilla couldn't align with more. Intiquilla's producers are produced in Portugal and made mainly from cork, but I will explain that more below. 

I have received so many compliments when wearing them and I love dropping the fact that the sunglasses are eco-friendly and an alternative to plastic in respect of the cork arms. The sunglasses are available here for £26.00 and are also available in a gorgeous tortoise shell colour (similar to my Raybans, but a more eco-friendly and cheaper alternative). 

As I said earlier I absolutely love little cute purses and these are so handy. They are large enough that they can fit my ID, debit card and some monies in, but also small enough that they can fit in any of my smaller handbags or even my pocket if I am nipping to the shop or out on a run incase of emergencies. The mini cork envelope is such high quality, in a beautiful pattern and extremely durable. I have taken this everywhere with me since receiving it and honestly, it looks as new as the day I received it. The mini cork envelope is £14.00 and the link to purchase is here. You'll want to read on though before purchasing as I have a little discount code for you all.

I am so pleased with these two pieces! The compliments I get from the sunglasses are more than I've ever had for any pair of designer sunglasses I have owned (Yep, even my signature Raybans) and every comments on the quirky pattern of the mini purse which has now replaced my larger bulkier purse. 

Intiquilla have very kindly given me a discount code for you guys to use - if you enter 'Tori2020" at the checkout you will receive 10% off your order! I am also running a giveaway over on Instagram - EXCITING!! It's my first giveaway and the link to enter is here, all you need to do is read the post and enter for a chance to win. Those of you who sadly don't win do have my discount code above available to use though and I will be detailing more in the coming days about this. You only have 6 days to enter so be quick!! Entries close at 7:30pm on 23rd July 2020 so make sure you enter 'cause you've got to be in it to win it!!!

Hopefully you all have liked something a bit different on the blog with us trying to make this change and have enjoyed this little showcase of some of Intiquilla's goodies. You can find them on Instagram (tagged in the link above) and this forms part of their giveaways to mark their 1 year anniversary, so if you aren't lucky with me, there is a number of other opportunities to win! 

Until Next Time 

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