Christmas Eve Boxes are a tradition in the Harrison household. A tradition that I am far too excited to force Steve into as we prepare for our first Christmas as a family with our little boy. Christmas Eve Boxes have been a family tradition for as long as I can remember; I cannot remember a Christmas where I have not had a box of some description containing cute little things to do to get in the festive spirit. Whilst Alex is still a baby, I want to try and create as much Christmas magic as we can, especially since I was so unwell last Christmas (after our c-section) that I genuinely thought I was dying on Christmas Day having been let out on Christmas Eve (less than two days after the c-section). 

We usually do Christmas Eve Boxes for all the family, but this year I think we will just be doing a box for Alex. I would be lying if I said this box was easy to put together. I honestly struggled to think of festive things that an under 1 year old could enjoy and use. I know a lot of you will be thinking there is no point as he will not remember this Christmas etc, but I am loving creating these memories with him and can't wait to show him the pictures when he is older. 

Christmas Eve box ideas - pajamas

To create a Christmas Eve Box you really can do anything you like. The first few years I had no box or bag or anything like that. However, it seems to be the new trend to have a box of some description. I got our wooden boxes from The Works for £12.00. You can purchase personalised wooden boxes online or on Etsy for around £40.00, but I wanted us all to have matching boxes and forking out £120.00 on just boxes seemed a like a lot of money to me. Whilst £12.00 is a lot of money for the box alone this will be re-used over and over again. 
A staple in our Christmas Eve boxes has always been PJs. I picked this lovely set up from Home Bargains for £10.00 earlier in this year, which includes PJS, a dressing gown and a Santa teddy bear. 

The next thing I purchased was our Christmas Stockings to be placed under our fireplace. I got these from Matalan early in October for £11.00 each. I wanted Alex's first box to have things he could use year after year and create new family traditions with. 

I then headed to B&M to check out their Christmas goodies and was not disappointed. I picked up this Santa treat plate for £5.00, the mug for £3.50 (we all have matching ones) and a letter to Santa kit for £1.00. I also picked up the milk for Santa (although this should probably be a beer haha) for 79p from Home Bargains.

I also wanted Alex to have some activities in his box, given he is too young for chocolate or hot chocolate yet. I picked up this Hey Duggee and the Christmas badge book for £3.50 from ASDA. The Peppa Pig colouring book for 79p from Home Bargains and jumbo crayons from The Works for £1.50. The last purchase was The polar bear who saved Christmas which will be read to him as his Christmas Eve story. 

I then managed to fold and wrangle it all into his box and just about managed to close the lid. Two of the books had to be placed on top for him as there was just too much to fit in there - god help me in future years. 

I am really happy with how Alex's Christmas Eve box has turned out. It has stuff he can reuse and has things he will love to play with at Christmas. I cannot wait to see his little face when he opens it and thinks "what on Earth is this?" - as I said earlier it's all for the memories. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what is in Alex's Christmas Eve box and I hope it managed to give you some ideas as to what you can put in a Christmas Eve box for younger children, because I know I really struggled. 

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