I don't know about anyone else, but I am a big fan of finding alcohol-free alternatives to my favourite alcoholic beverages. Recently, I have found alcohol quite triggering and usually end up rather emotional even with a small amount to drink (thank you to the universe for the major health scare trauma & for my Mum's two horrendous accidents - a tale for another day). As I am slightly falling apart over here its time to lose the booze and Clean Co have made that really easy for me. 

Clean Co have a full range of alcohol free spirits - yes we are talking, gin, rhubarb gin, pink gin, rum, whisky & tequila. Whilst we haven't tried all of them, we have extensively tested the Clean W whisky alternative and I think it's a gem. I have ordered the rhubarb gin to try as well and cannot wait for that to come to try out. 

Clean W is alcohol free, sugar free and 17 Kcals per serving (not including your mixer) but how good is that. A whisky and coke zero is going to be 17 Kcals vs easily 150 + on a beer. So not only am I avoiding hangovers (and crying) I'm also getting to eat wayyyy more snacks at parties - which is an absolute win. I should state here that the calories aren't actually important to me, it is a nice bonus though, the important part is how I feel after drinking / whilst drinking and curbing that. I don't feel like I have necessarily missed out having Clean W as a Sunday evening beverage. Clean W mixed with coke zero tastes similar to vanilla coke, which is a vibe in itself, and I really enjoyed it. Clean W on its own definitely has a hint of vanilla afterwards, but tastes like whisky without the burning sensation. 

You can also find some great alcohol free mocktail recipes on the Clean Co website - here - we tested out the clean coconut margarita and also the nojito (mojito without the alcohol). I am fully aware we substituted whisky into these cocktails and probably made our own version, but weirdly it worked so just trust me! Next on our list to try is the actual whisky cocktails - The clean buck and Old fashioned are both favourites which will be next for us to test out. 

To make our alcohol free mojito we used the following: 

- 50ml of Clean W
- 1 lime, quartered
- several mint leaves
- 1 tbsp caster sugar
- soda water 
- lime & mint to garnish

You muddle (crush with the fancy thing from the cocktail set or with a spoon) the mint, lime and sugar together in your chosen glass. Add the Clean W and ice to the glass and mix lightly. Top up with soda water to taste - or you can use lemonade for more of a sweet taste. You can then add more sugar or spirit to taste and there you have it! I really enjoyed this drink and it was very refreshing and light for the hot summer weather we have been experiencing recently. It also meant I got to enjoy the sun and drinks, without the awful hangover the next day. 

Cheers to the start of a new journey testing out alcohol free beverages and finding the best alternatives (and pinpointing the worst ones) so you don't have to! 

Clean W is available on Clean Co's website and costs £16.00 for a 700ml bottle, which is really good value in comparison to some alcohol free alternatives. Delivery is £4.49 or free when you order 3 or more bottles. 

If you have any alcohol free recommendations or other ways we can have Clean W please drop me a message or comment below as we'd love to feature more recipes. 

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