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Thank you so much for stopping by! We're really glad you would like to know more about working with Oh So T.
We are always happy to hear from brands or PR agencies in respect of potential collaborations that align with Oh So T's values and ethos. If your product is not something that Tori would personally use she will not endorse it. Oh So T's readers and followers value Tori's honesty and integrity in respect of reviews and that is not something that she is willing to jeopardise. This also ensures that any products, services or experiences that are showcased are likely to be products and / or services that Oh So T's readers would be interested in checking out further. 
Ways you can work with Oh So T:
If you have a product, service or experience that you feel would be a good fit for Oh So T's readers (please check out previous blog posts and the 'About Me' page for an idea of our content and niche) or if you are unsure please email us and Tori will be happy to consider your product or service further. 
In respect of timescales for reviews to be live the estimated turn around time for product reviews is two weeks. Service or experience reviews have a turn around time of under one week dependent upon the service or experience. These timeframes enable enough time for the product to be truly tested or for Tori to reflect upon the service or experience and provide an honest and thorough review of same. If a lesser turnaround time is required this can be discussed further and if it is possible to accommodate this request we will try our best to do so.
Oh So T is happy to host a giveaway on your behalf if the product, service or experience falls within our niche and would be something Tori would endorse herself. Giveaways can be hosted via our blog or Instagram and shared on Oh So T's social media channels. 
Sponsored Posts
There is also the opportunity for sponsored posts as long as it aligns with Oh So T's niche and theme. Oh So T writes about a host of subjects (please check out previous posts and the 'About Me' section for more information) and we are always happy to discuss how we could collaborate with you.  
If there is another opportunity that you wish for Oh So T to consider please do email us as we are happy to consider collaborations. 
Oh So T has worked with a whole host of brands and businesses since its creation in May 2019. Our media kit with further information and statistics is available upon request via email. 
Please send any enquiries regarding working with Oh So T via email (Instagram messages are easily lost) and we will respond as soon as possible. 
*If you have any difficulties contacting Oh So T via email please do reach out to us via our social media channels and we will try and rectify the issue as soon as possible*