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by Tori Harrison, May 12, 2020
Over the last few days I have been wracking my brain to see how I may be able to help smaller businesses within my own community in Manchester and slightly wider afield. I know a lot of people are trying to come up with innovative ways to assist people wherever they can and I wanted to utilise my little piece of the internet here at Oh So T to try and champion small businesses! 

The Government statistics seem to suggest that if each person in the UK could spend £10 at a small business this would boost the economy by £279,000,000. Now I know that not everyone in the UK has £10 spare to spend, especially during these unprecedented times, so please do not think I am preaching from a position of privilege as that is not my intention at all! What I wanted to do was showcase some small businesses, for those of us who could spare that £10, and put their details all in one easily accessible place. That means that if you have £10 to spare, you could pop along to this page and find local businesses selling goods you may be interested in. Just call me the yellow pages for small businesses!! 

I will also be doing weekly round ups on my Instagram page and adding to this page weekly, so if you are/know of a small business who could use an extra boost please use the hashtag #OhSoTSmallBusiness on Instagram and I will be selecting businesses to add to my stories and the list here! 

Without further ado, let's get started!! 

All of your favourite food businesses offering all sorts of treats and goodies for you to either order for delivery or take-away collection: 

Sweet Satisfaction
Based in Liverpool, Sweet Satisfaction are a local business selling sweet treat boxes which are perfect for your movie or date nights. Postal deliveries are now available and you can order your 1kg sweet treat bags here! These are priced at an amazing £9.99 and postage is £2.80. You can check out their Instagram page @sweetsatisfactionuk where you can request custom orders and contact the lovely Helena with any queries you may have! 

Sanam's Sweetcakes 
Is a local business based in Didsbury. A local coffee shop and catering business, which also creates absolutely delightful cakes. The goodies on offer also include treat boxes, which look amazing. You can find them on Instagram here and can order by seeing them a DM. £15 for a box of 4 homemade cakes, which are gluten free and contain none refined sugars! Perfect for those of us watching our waistlines but wanting a sweet treat. 

Cheshire Bakehouse
If you love artisan bakers who create savoury pastry rolls then you will love Cheshire Bakehouse. We stumbled across these guys during a local makers market and since then normal pastries and sausage rolls have been absolutely ruined for us. Cheshire Bakehouse was created by Susan and Simon in 2018 and they use all locally sourced ingredients and bake their products with such love in their own kitchen. If you are local to the Cheadle Hulme area you can get your delivery on Wednesdays and Sundays. Highly recommend for those of you who are missing your usual sausage rolls, but be warned Greggs will be no more once you've tried these savoury delights. Please order via their website here and check out their instagram @cheshirebakehouse. 

The Bubbly Wine Company 
A fun, friendly and bubbly wine company based in South Manchester and I absolutely love the idea behind this brand. The Bubbly Wine Company specialises in monthly wine tasting events and private/ corporate wine tasting as well. I am already championing our next team building exercise around wine tasting and these guys will be top of my list of suggestions. The Bubbly Wine Company has also been doing some virtual wine tasting recently and also delivers some exquisite wines via their shop. You can place your orders here and follow them on Instagram @thebubblywinecompany. 

All your favourite online small homeware/lifestyle brands offering all sorts of gorgeous items available for delivery. 

Eleanor Jean Design
If you have a home Instagram account then I am sure you will have stumbled across this lovely brand selling everything from digital story highlights, coasters through to prints. The prints are some of the most stunning I have come across in recent months and the price is probably even better. The prints vary from £3 to £7 (pack of 3) and they have so many styles perfect for your individual home. You can check out their shop here and follow them on Instagram @eleanorjeandesign. 

Amelia Daniels Candles
Stunning hand poured soy wax candles, wax melts and home fragrances (reed diffusers and sprays) at extremely affordable prices. The fragrance is unreal on these products and they come beautifully packaged. The wax melts are £5 and the reed diffusers are £20. Unfortunately, the room sprays are out of stock, but that just shows how popular and brilliant this brand this. Amelia Daniels Candles are currently really fighting to keep their business going so if you could keep these guys in mind for your next order of wax melts, candles or reed diffusers I would be very grateful! You can shop here and contact them via Instagram @ameliadanielscandles. 

SO Natural Cosmetics
Established in early 2019 by a husband and wife team (I love this) based in Buckinghamshire. The whole range is 100% natural and plant-based and this brand really live by their ethos. If you are looking for natural haircare, lip balm or even deodorant make sure SO Natural Cosmetics is on your list of brands to check out. The products range from £4.95 - £21.96 and I am devastated that their waterproof make-up remover keeps selling out (its a fan favourite and I love it to). You can learn more about So Natural Cosmetics here and also check them out via Instagram @sonaturalbeauty. 

Lovely little boutiques selling a range of clothing items and accessories to keep us all looking stunning and curb those shopping cravings we all have. 

English Beagle 
Those of you who know me personally or follow me on Instagram know how much I champion Audrey and her brand! My personal favourite is the matching skirts, I mean who wouldn't want to twin with their favourite mini-me! The English Beagle is renowned for quality materials and clothes that last the tests of childhood. Even though this is a difficult time for all businesses Audrey has created a special line (the cute heart T-shirts and tote bags) where all profits go to support the NHS and the charity Living on Bereavement Service, which are such a wonderful charity. If you wish to order your own here or follow their Instagram @theenglishbeagle. 

Sophie May Jewellery 
A very new brand, but a stunning brand nonetheless is Sophie May Jewellery. This brands pieces are stunning with pieces ranging from £20 for gorgeous rings to £52 for a stunning cup ring and necklace set. All products are sterling silver and each piece is custom made. You can browse the collection via Instagram @sophiemayjewellery. 

Hopefully you've found some stunning new brands to share a little bit of love to and remember when you support small brands you are literally helping families pay their bills or pay for their child's dance lessons. Every little helps and hopefully this will be of some assistance to these brands whilst times are rather uncertain! 

If you'd like a brand to be featured don't forget to use the #OhSoTSmallBusiness on Instagram and keep checking this post which will remain as my bio link and pinned post on all my socials. 

*As a disclaimer I haven't been paid or asked to promote any of these brands. I have done so because I want to help during these difficult times and hopefully my little platform is able to do some good. 

Thank you all for your support!!! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I live in Liverpool city centre so definitely need to check out sweet satisfaction they look incredible! Love this idea �� xx

  2. This is a wonderful idea. I've tried to support my local businesses whenever I can during these difficult times. We all want our favorite shops to stay in the community. Thanks for sharing.

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