In June 2021, Steve and I were away for his Mum's belated birthday celebrations and funnily enough we were talking castles. I think I was reading a book about the history of the UK and the north-south divide at the time. Whilst talking we thought we would look where the nearest castle was and lo and behold there was a castle about 15 minutes away from the house. So off we went to visit Goodrich Castle. 

Goodrich Castle was the first castle in England that the Castle Casanovas visited. At the time of writing, we have actually only visited one castle in England, but we do intend to change that in the coming weeks - goodbye Sundays! 


Scotland, the last Country in our 'visiting every castle in the UK' challenge. Now Scotland is shrouded in history and has an awful lot of castles. When we first began researching castles to visit for our challenge I am pretty sure one website said there were about 3,000 castles. To whittle it down we have had to be strict on which castles we will be visiting; therefore, we currently will not be visiting castles that are hotels (unless we decide they could be worth a visit), privately owned castles (due to access issues) and castles that are completely ruined or earthworks (nothing to see and would be pictures of fields).

Given Scotland is the furtherest away from our home in Manchester, we anticipate we will struggle with this set of castles the most. That being said, it is all a part of the fun and we might just have to holiday in beautiful Scotland a lot more. 


As part of the whole 'attempting to visit every castle in the United Kingdom' challenge, we will of course be visiting castles located in Wales. This is where, to date, we have visited the most castles and probably where my love of castles and history began as I used to visit North Wales every year with my family and I would usually visit some of the castles.

Again, we have separated out the castles into counties and will not be including castles that are privately owned (due to access issues - ain't nobody want to get done for trespassing), anything where there is absolutely nothing to see and anything that is a wedding venue, hotel (unless we think yeah that would be decent to visit to be fair), or owned by a University (and cannot visit it). 

I am most excited about the castles in Wales, because it is the only Country I think we will genuinely be able to visit ALL of the castles. Ok, maybe not all of them but I do think we will get very very close. 

Welcome back! As mentioned in our first introduction post detailing our crazy idea to visit every castle in the United Kingdom (with caveats, of course), below you will find all of the castles we are going to attempt to visit. Once we have visited a castle it will turn green and a link to a blogpost and social media will be added so you can follow our journey and come along with us. 

The thought of trying to visit all of the below is making me feel a little bit sick to be honest, but we have got this. 

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