As the half term is now over, but another one is fast approaching, I thought I would share what activities I found local to us in South Manchester that is free for children! The half terms can be extremely expensive and we remain in the midst of a cost of living crisis. Anything related to keeping children entertained carries an insane cost and there are only so many afternoons playing in the garden before they get fed up and need a change of scenery.

Now I knew of Wythenshawe park from when we used to go on long walks around there and I was aware there was a farm there, but I had no idea it was a community farm that they opened up to the public! So recently we toddled off to check out the play park and also the farm. 

Tre Ciccio Altrincham | Food Reviews

in , by Tori Harrison, February 04, 2024

If you are an OG follower of my little Instagram page and Blog then you will know that we started off life as a travel and foodie blog. Whilst our family has grown, adapted and changed over the years so has our niche, but we still LOVE to post about our favourite foodie places and particularly our favourite food spots in Altrincham. 

Altrincham is a town nestled in South Manchester - most regard it as Cheshire and not Manchester. I somewhat sit on the fence with this as we live in Timperley and I am a firm Manchester lover. That being said, Altrincham feels less Manc than the rest of Manchester and I know our followers who are based around there will understand what I mean by this. 

Altrincham has a vibrant foodie landscape and is littered with quirky bars, fresh food places and some wonderful hidden gems. One of those hidden gems is Tre Ciccio. I would be lying if I said we did not go to Tre Ciccio - we go A LOT. Although, we have never taken Alex here. That being said, I have recently discovered they have a children's menu and are incredible with kids so we all know Alex will shortly be trying out his first pizza and is no longer going to be thrilled when an ASDA smart price pizza wings his way for lunch... We made that fatal mistake with sausages and now the kid will only eat caramalised red onion sausages. I really wish I was joking! 

Things to do in Ayrshire | Family days out in Scotland

in , by Tori Harrison, January 28, 2024

As you all know we absolutely adore Scotland and visit at least once or twice a year for our family holiday. Over the years we have visited a number of different places and found the best hidden gems and family friendly places to visit and make the most of your trip. I'll be putting them all into handy little guides over the next few weeks for you all so you can find our suggestions and recommendations in one accessible place! 

We start in Aryshire, which is the first place we visited as a family of three and was such a lovely part of the World to visit. Lots of cute family friendly things to do, places to have some wholesome chill out time and interesting things / places that I would not have thought were family trips, but can confirm are! 

Things to do in Matlock | Spend the weekend with us

in , by Tori Harrison, November 18, 2023

We recently spent a lovely Autumnal weekend in Matlock Bath. As we're in the full force of our Autumn and Festive content I couldn't resist not posting about what we got up to. In the morning, we drove from our house to Bakewell and spent a wonderful afternoon there. You can read about that adventure here

When we arrived at Matlock we immediately checked in and chilled out in our room. If you're looking for a reasonably priced stay that won't break the bank then the Premier Inn is a great option. Once we'd gotten unpacked we started thinking what we could have for dinner. Now our options were rather limited as it was nearing Alex's bed time and we needed to try and keep to that routine as much as possible. We checked out the Premier Inn's menu, but I wasn't bowled over by the options and sought out Trip Advisor's recommendations. 

In there was a beautiful hidden gem - The Sycamore Inn pub. An olde worldey pub with homemade traditional food and the best staff ever. We were unbelievably lucky to find this spot. So friendly to families, incredible food and perfect beer. We were very fortunate and this place was a fifteen minute walk from the Premier Inn. Highly recommend if you're ever in Matlock.
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