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in , by Tori Harrison, February 04, 2024

If you are an OG follower of my little Instagram page and Blog then you will know that we started off life as a travel and foodie blog. Whilst our family has grown, adapted and changed over the years so has our niche, but we still LOVE to post about our favourite foodie places and particularly our favourite food spots in Altrincham. 

Altrincham is a town nestled in South Manchester - most regard it as Cheshire and not Manchester. I somewhat sit on the fence with this as we live in Timperley and I am a firm Manchester lover. That being said, Altrincham feels less Manc than the rest of Manchester and I know our followers who are based around there will understand what I mean by this. 

Altrincham has a vibrant foodie landscape and is littered with quirky bars, fresh food places and some wonderful hidden gems. One of those hidden gems is Tre Ciccio. I would be lying if I said we did not go to Tre Ciccio - we go A LOT. Although, we have never taken Alex here. That being said, I have recently discovered they have a children's menu and are incredible with kids so we all know Alex will shortly be trying out his first pizza and is no longer going to be thrilled when an ASDA smart price pizza wings his way for lunch... We made that fatal mistake with sausages and now the kid will only eat caramalised red onion sausages. I really wish I was joking! 
We like Tre Ciccio so much that I even forced work to have our Christmas lunch here. Accidentally booked for the same time and date as Steve was having his works lunch... Which also happened to be in Tre Ciccio. I stole the idea from him! 

I'm setting the scene here to really hammer home that I have tried 70% of the menu and firmly believe their pizzas are the best thing since sliced bread. Steve is a fan of the spicy chicken dishes and insists that is the only thing he will eat whilst there. We went big for our last date night and had breads with olive oil, truffle fries, spicy chicken (Polla Alla Diavola) and a pizza (Maiori). I did have room for dessert but we were running late. 

When we attended with work we all had pizzas - some went for Calzone to really push the boat out. My go to pizza and my favourie is the Maiori - yes tuna and red onion on a pizza. I know people will think this will not work, but it is an insane concotion of heaven and I will not be judged for liking Tuna on a pizza!

I could talk about the food all night - I mean just LOOK at that pizza - but what makes Tre Ciccio is its atmosphere. The pizza ovens, the walk down the steps to the dining room that opens out onto the bright glassed veranda. The staff are incredibly attentive and great at answering food queries, they always keep your glass topped up and are just lovely individuals. The service is incredible and so is the price - I think Tre Ciccio is one of the most reasonably priced places in Altrincham for the level of service and quality of food! 

We keep experiencing a lot of restaurant closures and Tre Ciccio is a little gem that I really want to keep in business for many years to come. If you visit anywhere in Altrincham this weekend make sure you consider Tre Ciccio and let me know what you thought of the food! I want to branch out to other pizzas / pasta dishes but I just know I will miss the tuna goodness that is Maiori!

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