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Earlier this month Andy and I headed to Krakow for a short weekend away. We had both been suffering with flu a few days prior and we very nearly cancelled the whole trip. Our flight was booked for 7pm and we had a lovely visit to the 1903 Airport Lounge planned! Around 4pm we bit the bullet and decided we were going before we could change our minds for the millionth time and off we headed in our Uber towards Manchester Airport. 

Prior to our trip, we were kindly gifted the opportunity to check out the 1903 Airport Lounge at Manchester Airport. Upon arrival we were greeted by a really friendly team who were happily chatting to us about our plans for Krakow and showing us the extensive choice of foods and beverages on display. I was very impressed by the team. Their knowledge of Krakow and hints and tips really helped us on our little trip. 

The lounge itself is beautifully decorated with comfortable and open plan seating areas. The whole lounge has a very relaxing vibe and feel, which is perfect before your trip especially if you are a nervous flyer like myself. The beverages of course help with that relaxing feeling and we were extremely impressed with the choice. There is an extensive range of wine, Prosecco and even Champagne (which was very good). There is also a huge choice of gin, spirits and beers. The bar is consistently restocked, which is something that I haven't found at other airport lounges we have visited. You certainly never have an empty glass! For those of you that don't fancy drinking alcohol, there are lots of juices, mixers, a coffee machine and many different types of tea. There really is something for everyone! 

If you have followed our blog for a long time one thing you will know is how much we absolutely love food. The moment you walk into the lounge you are greeted by an array of food items that cater for all dietary requirements. There is a choice of hot and cold food and some very tasty vegetarian options. We had the pasta bolognese with spicy wedges which were so good! We also tried the mac and cheese and a few sandwiches (not pictured, because Andy demolished 25% of it before I'd even sat down!!). All the food is freshly prepared, regularly replaced and always fresh. Again, we were very impressed at the attention to detail and how great the staff were with us. The special of the day was a fish finger sandwich. Now this wasn't your standard fish finger sandwich that you have in your university kitchen at 4am... Oh no, this was the cre´me de la cre´me of fish finger sandwiches! 

We continued relaxing within our two hour designated time slot and I decided to try out the hot beverage and cake section. I was really stuck for choice with whether to go for tea or coffee. The coffee machine had everything imaginable and the different tea blends really had me struggling. I opted for a tradition English tea blend and a chocolate and raspberry cake loaf. Andy decided to have seconds of the bolognese pasta whilst I got my caffeine fix. 

For the level of service and choice of beverages and food I think the lounge is so reasonably priced at £35 per person (an absolute bargain)! I would happily pay at least £45 per person for such an outstanding experience. If you would like to book you can find the link here with further details on how to book. 

We have visited other airport lounges during our travels and I have to say Manchester's 1903 Airport Lounge is by far the best by a huge margin. The service, choice of beverages and food along with the feel of the lounge is completely outstanding. We are already booking our next trip and first on the itinerary is another trip to the lounge! 

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*This experience was kindly gifted to us, however all views and opinions are our own and in no way affected by the brand. 

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