Christmas with Wolf & Gypsy

in , by Tori Harrison, December 10, 2020

As many of you know, I have been obsessed with Wolf & Gypsy Jewellery for the longest time. Their boho inspired pieces are just stunning so I felt incredibly lucky when an email landed in my inbox earlier this month regarding a collaboration! 
Tori Shay (cracking name if I do say so myself) launched Wolf & Gypsy when she was unable to find jewellery in her own style, that would be high quality and long lasting. I think we have all been there when we find our fave staple piece and then it starts tarnishing and turning your finger / neck green. My favourite rings do this constantly and it is always a nightmare! 

The name Wolf & Gypsy is inspired by Tori's lovely son Rafe, his name means Wolf which is the sweetest, and Tori's love for travel inspired the Gypsy part of the brand's name. I loved this story and Tori's ethos that she wanted to create forever jewellery that was ethically and sustainably made. Every piece has an incredible amount of love and care poured into it - I mean just look at the beautiful packaging. That beautiful baby pink paper with the handwritten note. The note is designed as a tarot card (I was sold at this point to be honest as who doesn't consult their own tarot neck on a regular basis!). 

Upon opening the packaging you are greeted with a carefully and protectively wrapped branded white box. Your piece of Jewellery is pinned into place on a protective cushion and every care is taken to ensure your piece arrives as pristine as when it left Wolf & Gypsy. 

I am a self confessed white witch (don't judge me!), so having a piece that empowered with ancient wisdom was so important. The lovely guys and gals over at Wolf & Gypsy knew the perfect piece for me to add to my collection and a few days later this beautiful Pirate Cob Necklace arrived on my doorstep. 

This style comes in either sterling silver or sterling silver with gold vermeil. Upon reading a little more into the history of this necklace, I was intrigued to learn the inspiration for the design is from a coin discovered on pirate shipwrecks in the 1600s. This is a real coin necklace (I know I am just as shook as you) and has been re-worked by the Wolf & Gypsy team to create a unique and stunning piece of jewellery. All my quirky style dreams have literally come true with this piece. 

I love that Wolf & Gypsy are so dedicated to ethically sourcing their gold and conflict free gemstones. I have since discovered that Tori handpicks the stones herself to ensure they perfectly fit each piece and you can really tell the love and passion she has for creating these beautiful pieces for her collections. Wolf & Gypsy's commitment to reducing its impact on the environment and educating purchasers regarding sustainability and the importance of shopping ethically is also very admirable I feel they really do some great work in raising awareness and are a very ethical brand. 

Wolf & Gypsy's pieces are designed with layering in mind - You can experiment with your own style and mix up the looks and ways to wear the pieces so you are free to create your own story by layering the intricate designs. I personally will be keeping my necklace as an individual statement piece which I cannot wait to wear whilst on holiday and over the Christmas period. I am already eyeing up a few other pieces to purchase in the New Year and may even have to ask Santa for an extra stocking filler (or maybe a few!) if I cannot wait that long. 

I want to thank Tori and her wonderful team at Wolf & Gypsy for gifting me this beautiful piece that is now a staple of mine! I love how quirky this piece is and cannot wait to style it over the coming months with different pieces from my wardrobe. 

Keep an eye out for this piece on Instagram and as always I would love to hear your thoughts! The team have kindly also provided me with a discount code 'OHSOT' or you can follow this link for the discount code to be applied automatically. You can find out more about Wolf & Gypsy and shop their stunning collections at Wolf & Gypsy's site here

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