If you have followed Oh So T for a while you will likely know how much I ADORE Anglesey in North Wales. It has been a family favourite holiday destination for as long as I can remember. Steve and I started dating during the COVID-19 pandemic and at this time travel was off the cards completely. Even travel to Wales was banned unless absolutely necessary. After restrictions were eased Steve and I decided to look at going on our first holiday together. As travelling abroad was extremely difficult (lets face it no-one fancied a mad panic to desperately get home and shelling out 2k plus for a flight back before the borders closed) we chose to opt for a staycation. A staycation was not something I had done in years and I remember instantly settling on Anglesey as our chosen destination. 

After choosing our location and Air BnB I started to look at places we could eat and checking out reviews and recommendations. We visit Anglesey at least once a year and I wanted to create this guide to help you find all the best recommended places to visit in one go. We definitely have not explored all of Anglesey's food scene, but certainly have some great recommendations and will be adding to this guide as we will be back for another visit very soon. If you have some recommendations to add, please feel free to include those in the comments section for us and fellow travellers to check out. 


We are probably cheapskates on the Breakfast front, but with so much to do whilst in Anglesey going out for a lengthy breakfast is not usually high on our list of things to do. I am hoping to force us out for breakfast the next time we visit, but for now I will leave you with a suggestion of making breakfast in your accommodation, saving a few pennies and spending some quality time as a family. 

Price - £ (we spent less than £10 for the 5 days we were there for breakfast). 

Coffee, Tea & Cake

When tea and cake are mentioned the place that first springs to mind for me is Ann's Pantry in Moelfre. This is a beautiful family friendly cafe that has been apart of Anglesey for as long as my parents and I can remember. 

Ann's Pantry serves up breakfast, lunch and even dinner alongside all kinds of tea, coffee, hot chocolates (alcoholic ones included) and cold drinks. I have only every visited for tea and cake whilst taking a walk around Moelfre, but the food always looks and smells incredible from the kitchens. Ann's Pantry has lovely staff, is very clean and always a busy spot even in the quieter tourist periods. I personally have never had to book whilst visiting, but I would recommend that you do so if you are planning on attending for lunch or dinner especially during peak times as it can get extremely busy. 

Price range - £-££ (Depends on if for tea & cake or food)

Beau's Tea Rooms - You cannot visit Beaumaris without taking a walk along Castle Street browsing in all the windows and stopping off for a warming hot chocolate or a cup of tea and cake. 

Beau's Tea Rooms are traditionally decorated and extremely homely. Perfect for having a brew when Anglesey's weather takes a turn and you end up with pouring rain for 30 minutes and then cracking sunshine for the next hour. 

Price range - £ (Extremely reasonably priced for great drinks and cakes)


Midland Tapas and Wine Bar - A full review will be live on the blog very soon, but in brief this is our favourite place for food on the Island. 

The atmosphere for dining is electric - incredible food and perfectly paired wines and cocktails. A 10/10 dining experience - so good we have been back on every visit to Beaumaris.

Price range - ££-£££ (pricier than other food places in Beaumaris, but worth the money)

The Black Boy Inn - This pub is slightly outside of Anglesey in Caernarfon, but I do recommend a visit. The Black Boy Inn is one of the oldest pubs in the local area and serves traditional food with a twist. 

We had a Welsh dragon egg (a scotch egg coated in chillis with a tangy sweet chilli sauce) and the famous welsh pie, which was delicious. 

Price range - ££ 


Knowing me as well as you all do, of course this guide was going to include recommendations on where to grab the best alcoholic drinks on the island.

First recommendation is the Ship Inn at Red Wharf Bay. This place is STUNNING! The beer and alcoholic beverage selection is vast and we went during times when COVID was causing supply chain issues. The scenery near the Ship Inn is what makes it such a wonderful place. Decent beer looking out over the bay - what more could you want? They also do banging mulled wine and Christmas drink selection that is a must if you are visiting towards the end of the year.

Price - £ (have only ever had drinks here though)

The Boat House is another bar in Red Wharf Bay which is perfect for stopping off for a drink after your walk along the bay. As mentioned previously we tend to visit Anglesey in the off-peak season and at this time the island is getting ready to launch its Winter menus, which always means I can get my favourite mulled wine (unless when pregnant as they do not do a non-alcoholic version).

Price - £ (again have only visited for a drink)

The Bull Beaumaris
is a wonderful pub with a constant crackling fire and olde worldey feel to it. With local ales and traditional favourites on tap with some more unusual IPAs in fridges if those are your kind of thing. I loved everything about this traditional pub and even had a great chat with some of the locals and got some recommendations on where to visit next time. 

Price - £ (we did not stay for food, but the menu looks unreal).


I could not do a food guide without including some cheeky snacky bits and pieces. All can be enjoyed whilst back at your Air BnB, caravan, tent or on the go.

Ice-cream in the Autumn months - are you mad? 

Probably, but it is definitely worth it. Scoops Artisan Ice Cream & Dutch Pancake shop is slightly outside of Anglesey in Caernarfon, but definitely worth a visit if you are out and about. 

All sorts of flavours that can be enjoyed on the go or in the cafe and the best ice-cream we have come across. This flavour was banoffe pie.

Price - £-££ (It depends if you are going to have dutch pancakes or ice-cream).

I am the self confessed Queen of the cheese board - just solid Wifey material right here. You can purchase Cheese boards whilst out and about, but they are rather expensive and after a long day exploring in what can be cold and wet weather you're going to want to tuck in to some hot cheese, bread and snacks. I recommend taking these bits with you from your local supermarket as Anglesey's supermarkets and shops can be rather pricey (at least a few £ difference so definitely worth a little shop beforehand). I loved our cheese board evenings with the fire on and a move - a holiday must have! Price - £-££ (depends on the cheeses)

As if on cue - hello fire and further snacks! As we tend to visit Anglesey in the off-peak season not many places remain open late for us to enjoy drinks and as you have to drive a lot to get to and from places we found we would spend evenings in the cottages we stayed in. 

A recommendation here is to stock up on crisps and snacky bits as you spend longer in your accommodation that you think you will. In our experience everywhere is drivable to on the Island, but not everywhere is walkable especially if you are staying in farmhouses further out. 

And there you have it the first section of our Anglesey Food Guide - this will be added to as we visit Anglesey more and we get to explore and checkout new places! Don't forget if I have missed out your favourite place, please recommend it in the comments below and I will be sure to check it out next time we visit Anglesey! 

Until Next Time



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  1. Yummy! Seeing what people eat in a day is totally my guilty pleasure hehe Cheese boards are 100% my thing and my mouth is watering just seeing it! Glad you had fun x

    Lynn | https://www.lynnmumbingmejia.com

  2. The food look yummy, I will keep these in mind for future reference. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ooh this looks amazing! I haven't visited Anglesey before but I'd love to pay them a visit soon. Beau's Tea Rooms sounds like something I'd really enjoy and The Bull Beaumaris looks so cozy! Thank you so much for sharing x


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