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in , by Tori Harrison, August 22, 2022


As you all know, and if you don't 'hi! you must be new around here', I gave birth to a little boy in December 2021. He is now almost 8 months old and a right little character. I must admit though that entertaining littles ones is really difficult at times, especially when they get really bored of their toys... Toys suitable for his age group just have not been cutting it at the moment and I would give anything for 30 minutes to enjoy a good hot cup of tea. 
I was so happy when Basic Fun Uk reached out via their PR team to send Alex some incredible new toys to play with. I must admit when they said 'Retro Toys' I didn't think they would mean toys that I played with as a child. So imagine my delight and the nostalgia I felt when we opened Alex's PR package and staring back at me was this chap - The Retro Chatter Phone. 

It is so hard to find toys that are age appropriate, interesting and that your child wants to engage with. We have been through so many toys that Alex just gets bored of and they end up in the far end of his toy box desperately waiting to be played with or donated to our friends with children or charity, because we just do not use them. 

The 'interested in' toy section was getting a bit on the ground and I was beginning to tear my hair out trying to stop Alex eating the TV remote or smacking my phone on the floor. The moment the chatterbox got out the box he was interested. He immediately reached for it and started grabbing the phone off the receiver, he laughed when the dial was turned and he seemed to really study the phone. We started 'calling' people we know, putting the receiver to his ear and talking. He had the time of his life playing pretend phone and he also loves dragging the phone around by the string as the eyes move. It is a really great toy and one we love to bits. 

Alex did not just get sent the Retro phone, he also got sent a lovely record player to match his Dad's grown up version. Alex has always loved sound. Any toy that makes a noise he loves (even if it does drive Mum & Dad insane). 

The Record Player is such a beautiful toy, it almost feels like it shouldn't be a toy! You get five discs with the record player, which are double sided and play classic songs such as 'London Bridge'. The Record Player requires 3 x AA batteries to operate, which are not included so that is something to be mindful of when purchasing as poor Alex couldn't play for two days until we got some batteries! 

We are huge fans of Fisher Price toys; Alex's toy collection is about 75% Fisher Price currently. The toys are well made and have survived many temper tantrums, being tripped over and also being thrown in the toy box when needing to quickly tidy up before the Health Visitor comes over. We have had no breakages (yet) and all toys are in tip top condition. The toys in general are really reasonably priced compared to competitors in the market. You can also save some monies by shopping with Basic Fun UK directly! 

The Retro Chatter Phone is usually £14,99, but can be found on sale with Basic Fun for £10.00. The retail link can be found here

The Record Player can be found via John Lewis for £29.82 and the retail link can be found here. You can also get next day delivery with John Lewis so this would be a perfect last minute gift or present for the little ones in your life. 

A huge thank you to Basic Fun UK for sending Alex his first PR package and such incredible toys! We love them and cannot wait for many more hours of playtime! 

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