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in , , by Tori Harrison, February 22, 2023

As you all know maternity leave made me a right home body! I am now obsessed with making our house as homely and cosy as possible, whilst also trying to make it the most organised space possible too. Recently I have been struck down with the worst cold I think I have ever had. It isn't COVID, but feels 10x worse than when I actually had COVID. I haven't been able to do a lot other than wallow in bed or on the couch and feel very sorry for myself. 

Thankfully, yesterday lunchtime I finally started to feel a little bit brighter and really wanted to shake the horrible 'sickly' feeling of the house being full of germs. Cue me spraying the bedroom, living room and kitchen with disinfectant and opening the windows to let some fresh air in. Now I always use scented disinfectant, but it still have that hospital smell to it, which isn't very homely. 

I whacked out a few of our wax melt burners and decided to test out the lovely wax melts I had been sent by Teddy Eva Scents. One of their best products is the lovely subscription boxes they do and they have themes suitable for all occasions. Their most recent being the Valentines Day subscription box.

The subscription box comes with four clamshell wax melt bars in scents to match the monthly theme. This months had passionfruit martini, fresh roses, love hearts and strawberry shortcake and also includes little gifts to go with the theme! The Aero chocolate bar went down a real treat and I'm saving the soap roses for when we finally get our bathroom done! The subscription box costs £17.99 a month with payment taken on 1st and delivery between 7th and 11th of the month. I love the idea of getting sent new scents to try each month as a little surprise and pick me up - I think this would also make a lovely gift idea for someone! 

On to the scents - you can't really go wrong with a passionfruit scented product. It smells exactly like a passionfruit martini, but has a lovely fresh and sweet fragrance to it. I burnt this in our bedroom and it smells lovely. The wax melts also have glitter in them so when they burn they don't just smell nice they also look extremely pretty. 

Fresh roses is always a favourite scent of mine for spring. In fact any floral fragrance just brightens up my mood and this was no exception. I did get roses for Valentines Day so it was nice to use this wax melt and have the scent flow through into the rest of the house and not just when stood near the vase of roses. I set this up in the hallway and the fragrance travelled through upstairs, which I was impressed with. 

Love Hearts! So it may have been my cold that made me think this, but I didn't actually believe this smelt like love hearts, which was lucky for me as I am not the biggest fan of love hearts (I think it is the powder on them that reminds me of chalk). To me this smelt more like the Haribo Rhubarb and Custard sweets and I am obsessed with those. I have had this one burning in our living room whilst working from home and its really helped to brighten my spirits whilst feeling so awful. I am a big fan of this scent and will definitely be ordering more.

I burned the Strawberry Shortcake wax melt in our kitchen! My reasoning behind this is because I love our kitchen when one of us is baking. It just gives me such a wholesome feeling and I guess makes me feel like our little family is complete and perfect! Since going back to work not a lot of banana bread has been baked or anything short of 'quick dinners' so to try and fake that wholesome vibe I decided to give faking the fragrance a go and it genuinely worked. Steve came home from work and his first words were "ooh it smells nice in here" - sadly no baked goods, but definitely lifted my spirits. Strawberry Shortcake is definitely a scent I will be burning in the kitchen more often especially when I need a little mood boost. 

The subscription box is great value for money as the clamshells alone are £4.99 each plus postage and packaging. Whereas you get the four clamshells, some cute extras and free postage and packing for £17.99! An absolute bargain if you are obsessed with wax melts and want ones that actually last. I've currently burnt our three burners for around 8 hours a day (I have been working from home) and the scent is still really strong. I also love how cute the back of the packaging is with the little bears and branding. 

I am definitely a convert on the wax-melt front and will be signing up to their monthly subscription box, because I know I am going to use all of these up by next month!! Teddy Eva Scents also have incredible candles, reed diffusers and even some quirkier things suitable for Hen Dos - I will say no more haha! 

As you all know I love supporting independent businesses and I would be really grateful if you guys could rally around Teddy Eva Scents and any other independents during these tough times! It really means so much to them and their businesses <3 

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