Heads of Ayr Farm Park - Family Day Out

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Ok, I will absolutely accept that I am a year late creating this post... An entire year?!?!? Honestly, in my head, our first family holiday to Scotland in June 2022 feels like yesterday. I have blinked and an entire year has flown by - which is crazy. 

During our June holiday to Ayrshire, we managed to squeeze in a few family days out and one of the highlights was our trip to Heads of Ayr Farm Park. The drive from our lodge to this place was just stunning countryside with a coastal view. It is also situated right next to Craig Tara Caravan Park so if you are staying there then happy days, no drive for you. 

There are many activities with the animals spread out throughout the park and fun things such as the bouncy pillows and go karts to try. We visited when Alex was 6 months old, but even for him there was so much he could do. The walk around the animal enclosures took us around 1 hour as we did stop to look at all of the animals and try and get Alex to react to them / smile for photos. His firm favourites were the Llamas and goats!

Despite Alex's young age we spent around three hours here and we could have easily spent much longer. All of the park was accessible with his pram, which is a huge bonus. The park also was not overly busy, which meant we were able to keep away from most people although this was solely due to the fact we visited in early June and early in the morning (thank you 5am starts). 

One of my personal favourite activities was the wallaby walk. They were just everywhere, bouncing all over the place and sooo cute. Alex was asleep at this point so I just got to live in the moment. We moved on to the 'jumping pillows' those giant pillow shaped trampoline things, which are so much harder to jump on than you think. There were also massive slides and different park areas (some suitable for older children and some more tailored to younger kids). There was also an exotic animals area where you could see snakes and parrots. 

During our visit the weather was beautiful and not a rain cloud in sight. However, I am informed it can rain quite heavily and in those circumstances the park may close certain aspects (such as the bouncy pillows) for safety reasons. I'd also absolutely recommend bringing additional clothes - prepare for all eventualities in Scotland (I learnt that the hard way) as one second it can be sunny and the next you're in a torrential rain storm. 

Now moving on to my absolute favourite thing to talk about - FOOD! Obviously, as sleep deprived parents food was fuel and to keep our energy levels up we needed to eat. Originally, we were just going to get a coffee but then I spotted fancy milkshakes and that quickly spiralled to "What on Earth is a Hoagie?!" "Well, we are on holiday so we better had find out". 

For those wondering, the milkshake was made with locally sourced ice-cream and I believe it was a creme egg themed one (yes I am aware it was past Easter at this point, but it was delicious so honestly who cares). 

However, the star of the show was the Hoagie. Now we made a tactical error here as we ordered one between us and a portion of chips thinking it would be enough for two people. News flash, we over ordered. The Hoagie is MASSIVE. A Hoagie is essentially a tortilla wrap, chips topped with cheese chillis, onions, lettuce (or possibly cabbage I am not sure) and topped with chilli con carne and more cheese. 10/10 food and I was extremely impressed. This is by far the best food we have ever had at a farm park / family fun park. I would definitely go back just for the food itself. I've had a nosey on their website and it seems they've extended to also have a grill now too (or perhaps it was there last year and I just did not notice). This serves all of your BBQ takeaway favourites and I must admit I am a bit devastated we missed out on this. 

There is so much to do at Heads of Ayr Farm Park that I am not sure I have actually done it justice in this post. Just know it is a top day out and comes highly rated by us! It is also extremely reasonably priced for all of the activities you get to do - adults are £15.50, children aged between 2-16 are £14.00, children aged 1 are £6.00 and children under 1 are free. 

Could not recommend this as a day out for a young family enough and it is so great, because it caters for children of all ages and families without children. The park is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm daily with last entry being at 4:00pm. We visited just after 10:00am and left around 1:00pm and whilst a short visit (due to Alex's age) we still got to do plenty and the trip was definitely great value for money. 

If you'd like to see more of what we go up to when we visited Ayrshire stick around as I've got a few posts coming and some more Castle Casanovas content too! 

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