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Parents of Manchester, I bring you news of a new indoor soft play area that we have recently discovered just outside of Timperley Village - near Sale tram stop. Antz in your Pantz soft play centre. I am quite astonished that I never knew this epic place was right on our doorstep. 

You'll all know that I am a huge fan of fun activities to do with Alex that we can also join in with. I mean what fun is a big play centre if we can't also act like big kids and get involved? We're quite lucky that Alex being at such a young age means that we still get to do all of the fun things and pretend its because he is too young to do them himself. 

What I like about Antz in your Pantz indoor play centre is that it has sections for the children dependent upon age. No child is 'barred' from any areas, but they recommend that the younger children stick to the area that is designed for them - we're talking full on sensory room, giant role play area complete with fake bricks and a play centre with obstacles that are age specific and designed to help with your child's motor skills. For example, the first time we visited here Alex couldn't climb the stairs without help but by the end of the session he was off on his own. A few of the places we have visited have had just one area that all of the kids run around in and I feel Alex doesn't really get to play as he is too busy trying not to get squashed by the older crazier kids. 

Antz in your Pantz is not like that at all - the crazy boisterous zone for the older kids is sectioned off and the younger section is brilliant as it is quieter and Alex can really explore and grow his confidence. 

As you can see loads of space for younger kids to be younger kids without any fear of getting knocked out the way. Both times we have visited have been Sunday mornings, with children's parties in full swing, and there was still plenty of room (even though it was quite busy) for us to have a great time and really enjoy roaming around. 

During the last few months we have tested out many indoor soft play centres and I must say that Antz in your Pantz is by far the best one we have visited. For a soft play it is very clean - I am talking not sticking to the floor and actually feeling able to touch the surfaces without going 'yuck that is horrible'. It is also the only soft play we've visited without getting sick afterwards - any parent knows these places are breeding grounds for bugs so hats off to the team for keeping the place so clean and hygenic!

What I love most about Antz in your Pantz is that it is all adult accessible. There is not an area that Alex to run to, that I, as his Mum, cannot follow him which is a huge plus as he is really on the move now. I have found that other places tend to have crevices or areas that are really difficult to get to and trust me if such a place exists Alex is finding it and exploiting this weakness. 

Every-time we have easily spent over two hours at Antz in your Pantz just having an absolute blast of a time. It is also extremely reasonably prices - Monday-Friday 1 year + is £8.95 and adults are £3; peak times (weekends, school holidays and bank holidays) is £10.95 for 1 year + and £3 for adults. Which in today's climate is really reasonably priced. 

We even got to sit down and have a lovely coffee - mocha for me and cappuccino for Steve - with some melty puffs and juice for Alex. In total I think I paid under £10 for this and Antz in your Pantz do have meal deals on which means you get entry and lunch for around £14 per person, which again is so reasonable and the food looked really really good!! 

We highly recommend you take a trip to Antz in your Pantz if you are local to Timperley - an absolutely brilliant place with wonderful staff and a really love, friendly atmosphere. 

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