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in , by Tori Harrison, November 15, 2023

If you have followed this little blog of mine for a while, then you will remember the days that this blog was solely about food and travel. That was the era of the food blogger and whilst I cover numerous aspects of life on my blog now, I do absolutely LOVE reviewing foods. 

If you were around during my pregnancy and maternity leave days, you'll know I became a HUGE advocate for local eateries and cafes near us that were family friendly. One of my firm favourites has always been, and very much remains Oxford Road Cafe. 
Oxford Road Cafe is styled as an American style diner, with a mouth watering menu that you really could eat anything off. The burgers are phenomenal and the chicken burger tastes very much like the KFC spices (I am a big fan of this). BUT, you all know the dish that completely has my heart is the Beef Brisket Hash. I first had this whilst 3 months pregnant and I honestly thought I was in heaven. A mixture of perfectly cooked beef brisket, with fried potatoes, onions, mushrooms and egg. Now the sauce, I have no idea what sauce it is, but it is similar to a chipotle style mayo. Combined together it is just an absolute winner of a dish. 

Now if I visit Oxford Road Cafe with Steve, you can guarantee he is having something equally as unhealthy as I. On this occasion, I was joined by a work colleague who tends to chose the more healthy option, but always manages to get a really decent dish! If I order a salad I'm ending up with a salad that taste rubbish. But he ordered the chicken superfood salad and confirmed it was delicious! Personally, I cannot go out and order a salad, because I'm not that kinda gal but this almost swayed me - almost! 

The Beef Brisket Hash costs £13.25 and the Superfood salad costs £11.95. The vibe of the cafe is always lovely and bustling, but not too loud. It is family friendly, which is great for those with little ones and the staff are always really helpful and polite. It is a firm family favourite of ours and no doubt will remain a family favourite for a long time. Highly recommend a visit if you are ever in Altrincham!

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