Over the last two years we have really fallen in love with Bakewell. It is a quaint market town in Derbyshire and I absolutely adore everything about it. We often ensure we stop off at Bakewell when venturing to Derbyshire for our little staycations. We've sourced numerous lovely lodges and cute places to stay over the years. We had our babymoon not far from here where we stayed in the loveliest lodge. So to say we visit here a lot would be an understatement. 

I especially love Bakewell from the beginning of November as it turns very Christmassy and everywhere you turn feels festive. Almost like a village straight from a Hallmark movie. 

Of course, if you are visiting Bakewell then you need to try its famous Bakewell Pudding and Bakewell Tart. We've had both to go and also sat in the beautiful restaurant. There are numerous bakeries in the area that do this dish, but my favourite is at the Old Original Bakewell Bakery. I mean how stunning is it inside!

Out of the Tart and Pudding, I preferred the Tart and I definitely preferred it with custard and not cream. We also ordered coffee and tea and spent a good hour just taking in the place and working our way through the baked goodies. The staff were incredible and I think that really added to the experience. Downstairs has a lovely bakery that you can buy all sorts of goodies from and also a gift shop for local treats and beers, which of course we partook in. 

The next thing to do is take a walk around the town and checkout the baked goods on offer that you can take with you or eat whilst walking around. You're going to want to absolutely check out the Property Pasty Co for its traditional pasties - I ended up craving these for days afterwards and wished I had purchased more. They do lots of delicious goods and you could easily eat several pies, pasties and rolls whilst walking around. 

Whilst holding your baked goods, its now a perfect time to walk the river and cross over the bridges to see the locks locked to it. We had great fun watching the ducks and watching people feeding them. The water is also so clear that you can watch the fish swimming around. We loved spending time watching the ducks race down the waterfall section as they seem to do this for fun and it really made Alex giggle. We also spent a lot of time trying to Google Lens the green and brown ducks, pictured above, and we still do not have an answer as to what these ducks are called! If anyone knows, please let me know as I've wondered for the last year.

The river walk is thirsty work and you end up at a set of lovely pubs, all within the heart of the town. So it would be rude not to relax with a pint and decide whether to head to shops for some cheese, beer and other local delicacies. The local pubs have a range of drinks so there is something for everyone and you can also get some incredible food. We visited on a Sunday and some of the roasts coming out were unreal. The next time we go, we're having a roast. The pubs are also family friendly and have a lot of outdoor space, which is perfect for young children and prams. 

Now onto my favourite thing to do in Bakewell, head to the local Cheese and Beer shops and spend an unbelievable amount of money on cheese, crackers, chutneys and beers. How adorable are the little baskets and I love sampling my way through the cheeses on offer to find the best ones. We have been stung before with an unruly awful cheese, so I am a big fan of being able to try before you buy! We always try and find a new chutney to pair with the cheese and these have been a bit hit and miss over the years. 

We usually end the day with a sweet treat on the way back to the car and this year we tried a Bakewell slice from one of the local bakeries. In terms of ratings, I wouldn't get it again as it wasn't for me haha. But there are many more slices and sweet treats for me to work through during our next trip. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything you can do in Bakewell. There are numerous other things such as walking the local trails, fine dining and wine tasting to do. All things we haven't tried out yet. But I hope you've got to enjoy the smaller things that we love to do whilst visiting Bakewell and hopefully its inspired you for your next trip!

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