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As some of you may be aware I just turned the big 22. That feels scary to actually write down and if I'm honest I think I'm having a mid-life crisis at this ripe ole age... Fuck.

It recently hit me that I am 22, I'm not a teenager anymore and well basically, I've got to get my shit together!! Something I think I told myself once I turned 18, because I was 'an adult' (Complete bullshit... but I guess I was optimistic). I don't know if it's my new job, the fact that I'm in the final year of university or because I'm dating someone two years older than me, but I find myself looking to the future and planning to create 'achievable' goals. So that inspired this post. 22 things I would like to achieve by the time I turn 23 in almost 11 months time!!

1) Own our own house- This I think is my most ambituous goal! We've rented for the last year and a half, but it isn't home. We can't personalise it, we are subject to snotty letting agents (who I throughly enjoy challenging on the basic aspects of Contract and Land Law, 'No I will not be paying £25, because you have arranged two inconvenient appointments for inspection without calling to seek if they are convenient first... and yes I did thoroughly read your Terms of Business prior to signing my agreement) and honestly I'm sick of worrying about spillages or accidentally damaging the property in anyway. In preparation for this I've set up a savings account and began calculating how much I could reasonably save. Fingers crossed I can save enough for Conveyancing Fees, Stamp Duty and the 5% deposit. 

2) Graduate with a decent classification- Graduation is honestly something that keeps me up at night, will I pass, get a 2:1 or really hit it out of the ball park and get a first? I would love to achieve a First, but I've also realised that as long as I try my hardest I'll be happy. 

3) Reach my goal weight- I have always said my goal weight would be 8st 4lbs... I haven't ever managed to reach any weightloss goals, and since I've been going the gym I have noticed a genuine improvement in my physic. For the first time in around a year, I hit 8st 8lbs which is only 4lbs away. Granted I did then treat myself with a dominoes and a meal out, but what can I say... I'm slightly chubby at heart! 

4) Stick with my current friendship group- I've got to admit I have got a bloody amazing group of friends...  Genuinely Abbi, Gabbie, and Laura have got to be the best friends a girl could ask for... It wouldn't be a good week if one of these girls haven't had to listen to me moaning about the drama and  stress that is my life, I am extremely melodramatic, and they even manage to put up with the fact that I genuinely like to sleep 24/7 and am a cranky bitch if I haven't got my 8 hours!! Seriously girls please stick around because I'd be lost without you!! 

5) Be less of a crank... I can almost hear Andy hysterically cackling at this, because I am cranky 24/7. If I'm not stressed about university I'm hormonal and if I'm not hormonal I'm crying my eyes out because the crippling pressure of uni is killing me. Unfortunately Andy usually gets the brunt of this and he's a real gem at handling it (mainly because I argue like a lawyer and won't back down even if I'm wrong, which given the circumstances is 99.9% of the time). I'm not sure how I'll manage this... probably copious amounts of alcohol...

6) Cut off the bad people- I can count on one hand the people who have never done me wrong. There is one particular group of people who keep cropping up despite my best efforts to ensure they physically cannot contact me. Frustratingly this particular group manage to find cracks in my defences despite literally putting about 50 miles worth of distance and removing/blocking everyone who even once said hello to them! There are more people who I need to remove due to their toxicity, but I'm learning to do this one 'fuck off' at a time and god do I feel better for it!

7) Wake up early- It frustrates me that I find this so difficult, but I honestly require 12+ hours sleep to feel human. I have a HabbitNest Journal to assist with waking up early, but for whatever reason I just cannot do it. I aimed to wake up at 7AM on weekdays and 8AM weekends, but this is such a struggle and never usually happens. I would like to change that as I think I miss out on so much...

8) Get into the habit of eating a balanced diet- By this I don't mean never eating a take away again... I mean eating healthily, but allowing yourself treats in moderation. Something I am awful at as I love to over indulge...

9) Get into a gym routine- I hate the gym. Honestly I do, but I've recently begun to enjoy something about blasting music and watching the calories rack up on the treadmill. I guess it has become my form of therapy which is an interesting development. I'd like to get a proper routine together where I know what days are my gym and rest days. 

10) Travel to more places- I'd like to go on at least four mini breaks in the next year. I suppose I'm halfway there with Budapest and Amsterdam, but I'd like to book two more so we can really begin to scratch parts of our scratchy map... The biggest one is Russia and I'm actually considering a weekend to Moscow to get rid of that bad boy!

11) Get a dog- This goes hand in hand with the house, rental properties rarely allow pets! Once we've purchased our little home I'd love to rescue a Greyhound. They are just the most adorable little babies and I don't think Andy would handle the joys of a puppy (just yet anyway). I think rescuing would be a wonderful thing to do and hopefully will open the door to more fur babies in the future.

12) Spend less time on my phone- I guess I've noticed that I spend a bit too much time on my phone. Not just that, but it has really fucked with my vision. I need to take a bit of a social media detox... But we all understand how tough this is whilst trying to grow your blog.

13) Earn a good wage- By the time I am 23 I will have graduated and hopefully (fingers crossed) be well on my way into a future career as a Solicitor. That being said I would like to be earning enough to sufficiently support myself and not have to worry about money all the time. 

14) Learn to be comfortable in my own skin- This is something that people say comes with age and experience, however I always feel self conscious and worry about what people think. This has to stop and I need to remember that I am a queen who shouldn't feel worried 24/7

15) Learn to say no- I always feel obligated to say yes to whatever people ask me to do. This has left me in so many situations where I haven't been able to keep on top of the things that I need to do and I've either not done them or stayed up until 6AM trying to complete the tasks that I could have done had I had the courage to say no. It doesn't make you a bad person...

16) Learn to look after myself- One thing I never ever do is plan time for myself. I find that my hair gets neglected or my skin breaks out, because I don't have enough time to follow my skincare routine.  I need to factor in more 'me' time and I can guarantee I'll feel a million times better for it.

17) Achieve something with my blog- This won't be a massive achievement as honestly my blog is teeny, and I sort of prefer it that way. I think a great achievement for me would be if one person emailed or tweeted saying they really like my blog or even included me in a 'bloggers I like post'. Again, not a massive achievement for most, but it would be a wonderful achievement for myself!

18) Spend more time with family- I know how hard this is to do. I normally manage to see my parents once every week, having a job/university takes up the whole week and I usually manage 5 hours on a Saturday or Sunday which isn't much at all. I used to FaceTime my mum and dad all the time when I first moved out, but I've recently not been doing this. As an only child I believe it is so important to have a good relationship with your family and this is something I need to invest more time in doing. That being said I think I could make more of an effort to visit Andy's family even when he is at gigs and this is something I'll be aiming to do over the next few months.

19) Appreciate Andy More- Following on from the above point I have the most wonderful boyfriend in Andy. He may do stupid things and drive me nuts, but he really is the piece of me that was missing the whole 20 years I lived without him. He manages to put up with my uni related breakdowns, makes me cups of tea and never complains when he's on the 50th cup. How do I reward him for that? I become a cranky bitch and basically take him for granted... (It's probably not as bad as that) I've begun to realise how much he genuinely does for me day in and day out and sometimes I need to be more appreciative of my partner in crime, so if you're reading this- Thank you for everything and I love you to the moon and back 

20) Read more- I have begun to despise reading... mainly, because absolutely everything I read is Law related. I can't remember the last time I curled up with a cup of tea and a good book! This is a goal for after my degree though, otherwise I'll end up failing due to being too engrossed in some epic love story!

21) Attend a music festival- I am preparing for the shocked faces... I know, I haven't attended a music festival ever. I'm hoping for those Radio 1's Big Weekend tickets this year, but we shall have to see!

22) Enjoy being 22- I think we're all so obsessed with growing up these days. I know I am constantly thinking about my future and how I can put myself in the best stead for the future that I'm forgetting to genuinely enjoy being young and carefree... I've got another 40+ years to worry about everything and maybe I need to sit back, enjoy the moment and let whatever may be happen!

I apologise about the long post, but I hope you enjoyed reading my goals that I'm hoping to to achieve and I'd love to know your thoughts on future goals you've set yourselves!!

Until Next Time

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  1. Good Luck with these!! I've never been to a music festival either and people can't believe it!! I really like the last point...enjoy being 22! I'm trying to do the same...but at 23!! :) xx


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