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I've got to admit I was extremely excited when this email landed in my inbox. If you follow the Gram, shameless link here, you will know from the majority of my stories that I LOVE GIN! In the modern World name someone who doesn't right? So when Manchester Three Gins were hosting an event showcasing their Gin Experience I just HAD to be apart of it...

Inside Manchester Three River Gins Bar

Three Rivers Gin iconic G&T

Manchester Three Rivers Gin Experience - SHOTS

The experience is set in a warehouse just off Red Bank Parade. It is ever so slightly hard to find, but if you look for their signature logo outside the building you won't miss it. 

Upon arrival you receive a complimentary gin and tonic, which in my humble opinion is made to perfection. You are then seated for a short film all about the history of Gin, Manchester and how Three Rivers Gin came into existence. Whilst I am not usually a fan of those types of videos I found it really interactive as the host asks questions and engages you. 

You are then taken downstairs to learn more about the distilling process of the Three Rivers Gin. I found this part really interesting and there is more alcohol and gin involved, personally couldn't think of a better way to spend an evening.

Manchester three rivers aviation gin cocktail - heaven in a glass

Manchester three rivers gin x OH SO T Chin Chin

The beautiful pink concoction above is an aviation cocktail, if you haven't tried one before this drink is a game changer... I would have had 10 of these if I could! Can I just say as well, nowhere else makes this cocktail quite the same and I'm always left disappointed that it cannot match this one! 

You're also given a taster of the Three Rivers gin straight. I was slightly apprehensive about this part as I haven't come across a Gin I've ever liked without some form of mixer. I was really surprised at how smooth the Gin was and how easy it was to drink, there was no horrible aftertaste and I have since had Three Rivers Gin on the rocks, something I never thought possible for this spirit. 

You're then seated for the next part of the tour, where you are shown the distillation process and you get to ask any questions you may have about Three Rivers Gin. By this point, most people have had copious amounts of Gin and are very happy to ask funny and insightful questions, which the hosts handle brilliantly. They are very informative and really know their stuff! After all, Gin is their speciality...

Copious amount of spices and herbs at Manchester Three Rivers Gin experience

You are then moved onto the main event where you get to make your own gin, yes you heard me correct... YOUR OWN GIN. 

This part was a mixture of excitement and concern as knowing me I'd end up choosing the worst mix I could ever find. You are carefully talked through the process and guided as to what kind of flavours you are liking and what the experts would recommend you include. You also get more gins to drink whilst you are distilling. I had so many whacky ideas, but luckily our host managed to bring me back down to earth and help me chose the perfect flavours. 

Instead of describing the whole process, as that would just spoil it for you all, I've showcased some of my favourite pictures from the evening to give you a sneak peak of what you can look forward to on your visit. 

   Distilling process - Manchester Three Rivers Gin

Brewing up a storm at Manchester Three rivers gin - review

MCR Three rivers gin review

Processes - MCR Three River Gin

Adult potion making at MCR Three Rivers gin

MCR Three Rivers Gin - distilling our own - review

Review of MCR Three Rivers Gin - 5 Star experience

Cheesy pic of OH SO T - MCR Three rivers Gin

I chose to make a rather festive spirit, as Christmas and cinnamon are two of my favourite things in the world. 

As you can tell from the last picture, I was super chuffed with myself and so proud with how my gin turned out. 

The experience is currently running Thursday to Sunday up until the 30th June 2019. Further dates will be announced nearer the time and I would say keep an eye on their website and social media for more details. It does get booked up extremely quickly, probably due to being the No.1 listed thing on Trip Advisor to do in Manchester! Click here to book your experience.

The experience costs £95.00 per person, however this is inclusive of all your drinks on the evening and the fact that you get to take home a full bottle of Three Rivers Gin customised for your own taste buds which currently retails for £37.00. 

Overall rating: 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

The whole experience from start to finish is hands down one of the best things I have done in Manchester. Everything from the staff to the distilling is put together so perfectly and getting to make your own Gin is such a unique thing that you really can treasure. I will definitely be purchasing another bottle of my personalised blend, as the fam bam obliterated it this bank holiday weekend. I think they are now bigger Gin fans than me. 

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*This was a press event - However, all views are my own and I was not obligated to write this post. 

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