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Sorrento Travel guide - things to do alfalfa coast

Sorrento travel guide - alma coast beach

I wish I had the words to describe what an amazing time we had whilst on holiday in Sorrento. In July myself and Andy headed off on a break to Sorrento, which was kindly paid for by Andy's parents. (I can't put into words how lucky we both are nor how grateful we are to both sets of parents for everything they do for us!). I had just started my Vacation Scheme at Stephensons and had been there about 6 weeks. As this was my second full time job of the holidays I had been working full time hours for about 2 and a half months... Honestly I needed a break as prior to this I had been in study mode and that takes its toll on a person (Not that I'm complaining as I had the most amazing summer working full-time, but sometimes we all need a little break). I couldn't be happier to be soaking up some Italian sun and I've got to say even the 2AM wake up call for a two hour drive to the airport didn't deter us.

We stayed at the Hotel De Principi, which wasn't too far from Sorrento's town centre and we ventured out almost every day. Whilst there we soaked up the sun, enjoyed the beach and pool and just generally relaxed. It was the most relaxed I'd felt in about 6 months and we had the loveliest holiday ever. We over indulged on way too much food and alcohol; I'm convinced I put on a stone whilst there! In the above picture you can see our hotel which is directly behind the Cruise liner, the white building attached to the cliff side. Yes it was as beautiful as it looked!!!

Sorrento travel time - lemon trees

Sorrento Travel time - statues and art

One thing I noticed was that Sorrento is famous for Lemons... They are everywhere and I mean everywhere. If you follow my Instagram page ( you will have seen the cute cocktail bars with Lemon Trees and Twinkly Lights which were literally hung everywhere. Sorrento also has a lot of statues and artistic sculptures which decorated almost every street corner. You will also see a lot of churches. Sorrento, and Italy in general, is a very religious country with many churches that are unbelievably beautiful. There were also lots of delicate shops selling Limoncello in adorable bottles with intricate designs and mini trinkets you can take home as gifts.  I highly recommend the Limoncello, although the alcohol content at 40% was a little tough for a light weight like myself to handle. Restaurants selling Pizza are everywhere, and it is the greatest Pizza you will ever taste in your life, you can also guarantee that pasta will be on the menu too and OMG everything I ate whilst there was so delicious! Oh and I also discovered Niccolo ice cream!!! I am contemplating a journey back just to get it again... Absolute game changer. (If anywhere in the UK sells this please tell me, because I need my fix).

Sorrento Travel time - Gelato hazelnut ice cream pure

Sorrento things to do, street walks

Can we also appreciate how most couples have the girl in front... but not us, because SOMEONE (yes you Mr Hodgson!) doesn't like taking cute couple photos so I have to sneakily take them. Before anyone asks, yes with the height difference this was a near impossibility and I'm pretty sure I injured myself for the aesthetic of this photo. I genuinely feel for the couple who did this like 100 times for a video... hats off to you, because that is bloody dedication!

One thing you need to do whilst visiting Sorrento is swim in the Ocean... Normally hotels charge 20 euros for the privilege, but trust me it is worth it. The day we chose to go was frustratingly windy and choppy, however there is something crazy about how clear Italian Oceans are and how warm... (I'm not very well travelled so this completely blew my mind). The best part of the beach trip for me was swimming and stumbling across a Bright Blue Flying Fish... I did genuinely freak out when it jumped at me, but if you ever get the opportunity to witness a Flying Fish in the Ocean it is such a magical experience. It was even better, because we helped swim him back out to the sea as he'd managed to get himself washed ashore in the high waves. You feel very protected as Life guards are on hand 24/7 and the beaches normally have an enclosed Sea swimming area which can be seen in the picture below.

Sorrento travel time - sightseeing

Sorrento travel time sea views

As you can tell my favourite spot was this viewing point in the Centre of Sorrento. Approximately a 40 minute walk from our hotel, but it was so peaceful and beautiful. I think we watched the sunset here at least three times. I mean can you blame us? How gorgeous is this view?

sorrento travel time sunsets

On the day we took this beautiful photograph of the Sunset. It was almost as if Sorrento was saying goodbye to us.. Whilst there we made so many wonderful memories that we'll never forget. I have also firmly decided I would love to get married in Sorrento (I saw so many weddings whilst there and each one was just more spectacular and gorgeous than the last... A many number of years away, but a girl can dream right!) They'll be another post live about our adventures in Pompeii and helping a little lizard on an extremely warm day... 

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