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If you follow any of my Social Media Channels then you will know that Andy is quite literally the best boyfriend ever. He has this thing of going above and beyond for Birthdays and in general everyday life. I couldn't believe it when he said we were going to Budapest in November last year... I was astounded and so grateful. So round comes November and off we headed to Budapest. I decided to split this into a few posts as truthfully we did quite a lot whilst there and otherwise this would be an unbelievably long blogpost. I have had so many questions about where we have stayed whilst on holiday so if you'd like me to address that and other travelling tips please do let me know via email or our social media and I'll incorporate them into a post at a later date.

Whilst in Budapest we stayed in an apartment for the first time in our travel lives and I have to say I loved it so much more than a normal hotel room. It made everything much easier especially as whilst we were there I was so unbelievably unwell with fatigue and migraines that having the apartment made allowing me to nap when things got bad much easier and also allowed Andy to keep himself occupied with the wifi and living room/ balcony whilst I rested. I will go into this during another post as this post is namely to do with food!

I will firstly apologise as we don't have names of everywhere we went... But I can pretty much explain where the majority of places are or give you a pretty decent idea of where they were. (Worst Travel Bloggers ever I know!!) 


Budapest things to eat

Budapest - food reviews coffee

This adorably cafe is hidden within the main strip of bars. During the day this area is a hub for beautiful food, but during the evening the cafes give way to vibrant restaurants with bars. We arrived in Budapest very late at night and by very late I mean 2AM... By the time we'd Facetimed my parents to show them our apartment and took in the view from our balcony it was about 4AM so we opted for a late brunch. The thing that shocked me the most was how cheap everything was in Budapest. A cinnamon latte was the equivalent of £1.50 back in the UK. We had a Budapest version of a full english which was delicious, but more european with rasher bacon and spicy sausages. The paprika eggs were a shock, but still very nice. The whole meal was unbelievably cheap costings us a mere £12. We would highly recommend the strip for breakfast/brunch foods. 

Budapest food reviews afternoon tea

On the last day we visited the little cafe just opposite from Hard Rock Cafe. We had a late flight, but needed to be at the airport for about 4PM which meant we didn't have enough time to do a lot of things, but wanted to not waste the last day doing nothing. We spent the afternoon walking the riverbank and viewing the Hungarian Houses of Parliament. We sat down in this cafe and had a wonderful amount of tea. I have to admit I was so relieved that they served tea with the option of milk, honey and sugar as I found not many places had the milk for tea! I also loved the little biscuits that are served with your tea and just the service in general is so good and pleasant compared to the UK.

Hard Rock Cafe/Lunch

This probably goes without saying, but we actually ate here twice... It was my first time going and the food was so nice! I chose the Mac n Cheese with the chicken, garlic bread and a side of fries. Andy opted for a burger, which I then chose on the next day. I chose the local legendary burger, which I also highly recommend. Hands down the best burger I have ever tasted... and the Mac n Cheese was also the best I have ever tasted. The brilliant novelty about this cafe is the music and the decor. You could easily walk around the restaurant viewing all the memorabilia as it is almost a mini museum for music. (How good does the food look?!)

Budapest food reviews hard rock cafe

Budapest food review hard rock cafe

The rest of our lunches were on the go from little Patisseries along the way on our journeys to various spots around Budapest. There are numerous pizza places that do real style Italian pizzas that tasted so delicious and allowed us to cram lots of activities into our trip as were only there for a few days. 


On the same strip as the breakfast/ brunch places lies the cutest set of bars with blankets and heaters outside if you fancy some fresh air. This was packed from pretty early on and stayed open until about 2AM... We went to the Inspired bar, but if I remember correctly it wasn't called this outside. You cannot miss the light up sign from the outside though. They had an extensive cocktail list and I would recommend the Haribo Martini, although be vary of those bloody sweets as they freeze hard and you will end up choking like I did... Hahahaha! 

budapest things to do - bar reviews

Budapest bar reviews -cocktails

Hidden Gems

Trip advisor is your best friend for this... And I mean best friend, because thanks to that beauty we found the most insane bar with a million other rooms that had different genres of music and themes in each room. It was set in an outdoors jungle/ derelict house that you wouldn't have thought would contain such an amazing place. It also happened to make us stay out until 6AM which didn't help with the exhaustion, but it was such a good night I didn't want to let being unwell affect it. I don't have any pictures of this place as I say I was too caught up having  great time.

Again found via trip advisor was a smaller bar with a gig going on whilst we were there that had a giant Whale hanging from the ceiling... The jellyfish lights outside and the Whale wall memorial were so unusual for a bar that I found myself actually enjoyed being out for the first time in a very longtime. 

Budapest - quirky bars

Budapest quirky cocktail reviews

Budapest quirky bars review

I hope you enjoyed this very brief post on good bars and food in Budapest... Feel free to check out our what we got up to whilst in Budapest post, here. I'd also like to apologise about the lack of posts. I have been exceptionally busy with University, but fingers crossed a more manageable once a week schedule will mean I'll be producing lots more content.

Let us know what you like seeing so we can produce more of it!

Until Next Time

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