Hello again lovelies! 

Can you believe we are in May already? I have officially been off on maternity leave for 6 months! Alexander is now five months old and I keep finding myself thinking where the hell has that time gone? 

I did promise you all a Mothers Day gift guide, as you all loved the Christmas gift guide for expectant Mothers, but life got in the way. So instead I am going to give you a Fathers Day Gift Guide that can be used as inspiration for the Dads in your life. This guide contains gifts suitable for all ages and budgets so I really hope you get some ideas! 

Alcohol / Alcohol related gifts

First on this list is beer; we are HUGE beer fans in our house and love to enjoy a craft beer or two when relaxing. We are all about supporting micro breweries and local businesses so I have included some of our favourites below:

Redchurch Brewery

These guys have some wonderful Fathers Day options from glasses all the way to beer snacks and options for all budgets with their cheapest item costing £1.35 (beer snacks). The mixed case starter pack is £25.00 and contains 10 beers and a branded glass. I have made a purchase for Steve's Fathers Day gift!

There are also a number of microbreweries in Manchester which you can go in store to purchase. The Dunham Massey Brewing Company is a firm favourite of ours and we regularly purchase their beers whilst out and about. Unfortunately, they are not stocking their online shop at the moment but if you are in or around Dunham Massey I recommend a visit. A pint of Big Tree is incredible!

Beer 52

This is a subscription box that allows you to try 6 new beers and 2 beer snacks every month. The box is £32 a month, which works out at roughly £5.30 per beer and you can find some new favourites. We do already have a subscription for this, but it is something we look forward to receiving every month and something I would purchase as a gift for Steve. 

Alcohol Free Gifts

After having Alexander we have reduced the amount we drink, but we do still love the taste of alcohol and needed to find alcohol free options. I can safely say we have tried 90% of the alcohol free options on the market and the below are two favourites, which I think would be suitable for Fathers Day Gifts. 

Brooklyn Beer - Their Special Effects Alcohol Free Beer is the bees knees of alcohol free and actually tastes like beer. It tastes so good and costs £4 in Tesco for four bottles! You just cannot go wrong with this beer (tried and tested during my pregnancy and was the best) and it has really helped us be able to enjoy alcohol without the bad side effects. 

Noughty - Alcohol Free Sparkling Chardonnay if you fancy a wine, but do not fancy a wine head the next day then I recommend trying Noughty. This tastes exceptionally similar to Chardonnay wine, which most alcohol free wines just cannot do well - trust me you are normally better with a bottle of grape juice. However, Noughty manages to get the right balance of flavours and could easily fool you into thinking you are having a nice glass of chardonnay. A bottle retails for £9.25 and can be purchased online via their website or at Waitrose. It is a little at the higher end price range for alcohol free wine, but is certainly worth the price. After all, you get what you pay for. 

Personal Gifts

I feel that personalised gifts or gifts personal to the recipient are the way to go for Fathers Day and there are some really lovely items on the market at the moment.

Scribbled Squirrel - I was recently introduced to Scribbled Squirrel's founder Sarah and she introduced me to the cutest brand I think I have come across. Sarah turns your child's drawings or even hand prints or foot prints into lovely items such as pin badges or fridge magnets. When she mentioned the foot print turned into a gift I knew I would be making a purchase as we recently had Alexander's foot prints taken at baby sensory class. Steve is an avid reader and I knew a bookmark with Alexander's foot print would be a lovely gift for him and something he would cherish. The prices for the products range from £7.50 for a pin badge to £22.50 for necklaces. I can see that I will end up making continued purchases from Sarah and the link to her website is here. Popular Fathers Day items are the cufflinks, keyring, fridge magnets and pin badges. Sarah also kindly gift wraps her items - see below - which is a really sweet addition. 

Your image 2 Canvas

Your image 2 Canvas create beautiful personalised canvas where you can turn your own imagery into everlasting memories to hang around your home. Another perfect Fathers Day gift is the Star Maps. We have one which features the sky at the time of our first date and will be purchasing one with the date and time we became parents. Canvases start at £17.99 and Star Maps start at £19.99. Certainly pieces to put a smile on the face of your loved one and such a special gift that is perfect for any man in the family celebrating Fathers Day. You can find out more or make a purchase here

Food Related Gifts

Batch Coffee - Batch have subscription boxes or one off boxes with 2 different flavoured 200g coffee bags. The box is £17.99 and if you have the subscription a box is sent out every two weeks. As a sleep deprived parent myself I have no doubt the Dad in your life will love caffeine so if they are a coffee lover this is the perfect gift. Batch coffee is also ethically sourced and fair-trade, which is great! 

RJ'S Peppers Hot Sauce - I'm not sure I could do a food related section for Dad's without hot sauce of some kind. Steve is a BBQ fan; we're all BBQ fans so a lot of sauce is used. The Chillin' n Grillin' sauce is perfect for BBQ season and we all know the Dad's love to cook when a BBQ is involved. The sauce is £8.99 and you can also buy a gift set of three sauces (Treasure of the Lost Tomb, Kahula's Hot Sauce & Reaper & Blues) for £20.99 which is an absolute steal. You'll also be supporting small businesses with this purchase so it really is a win-win situation; you get tasty sauces perfect for BBQs and you help Robert build his business and customer base.

Sweet Hamper / Hamper featuring Dad's favourite products

I recently did this for Steve's birthday, highly frustrating his Birthday and Fathers Day are so close together, and I thought this was a really thoughtful gift that featured some of his favourite sweets and food items. I chose this as I liked the idea that it was simple, but effective and can be personalised to suit the individuals needs. The below demonstrates the kind of things that you could include and I made this for Steve's Birthday earlier this month. 

For Fathers Day I am planning on making a cheese hamper for a cheese and wine picnic in our back garden (any excuse to use our decking area). Again, this can be tailored to the individuals personal preferences, but I will be ordering our cheese and accompanying biscuits and chutneys from The Cheshire Cheese Company who have some great deals on at the moment. 

Vouchers for food

If like us you love food and ordering takeaways then a food voucher for something like Deliveroo or their favourite takeaway is a win win situation. They get a gift they love and you get to enjoy a cheeky takeaway as well... 

Now I would have chosen this as a gift for Steve as well... However, we are trying to be good and not order any takeaways for a little while. So I did not want to temp us with a voucher when we are being really good! Food vouchers are a great gift for those fussy people who you do not really know what to get, but you also do not want to just get them money. Vouchers for any other shop would also work perfectly too - small independents do offer vouchers as well so please try and look for those options wherever possible. 


As a quick reminder Fathers Day is on Sunday 19 June 2022 this year. I write that as a little reminder as I thought it was a lot later in the year than it actually is. 

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas for Fathers Day and possibly introduced you to some smaller unique businesses who would all love your support in the current climate. 

Another thing to say is that you do not need to go crazy on Fathers Day with gifts, I know the cost of living crisis is impacting an awful lot of us right now. The most important thing is spending time as a family and saying thank you to the Dad in your life for all their hard work. 

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  1. Ooh you've got some great suggestions here! My dad's rather partial to a beer so I'll definitely be looking into Beer 52, and the concept behind Scribbled Squirrel is so cute too! Thank you so much for sharing x

  2. I think the sweets plus a ticket to a movie (or stay at home and watch Netflix) would be a lovely Father's Day gift.
    Crystal | www.amazingbaby.app

  3. If you're going to buy beer based gifts for Father's Day, then I would suggest getting a Belgium cherry beer or a strawberry beer, they're amazing

  4. These are some good suggestions for Father’s Day gifts. I am hovering between a piece of clothing or a voucher. My dad can be difficult to buy for. Thank you for sharing your gift guide.

    Lauren - bournemouthgirl

  5. Thanks for the solid father's day gift suggestions. I am leaning towards notepads/stationery.

  6. You've shared some really good idea; it can be difficult to know what to get dads as gifts so I like the variety of items you've included here -- something for everyone!

  7. These are some amazing ideas, I was super drawn to that hot sauce! Yum!


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