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in , by Tori Harrison, September 13, 2022

                                          The Midland Tapas and Wine Bar Lamb Koftas

If you have been a follower of my blog for a while then you'll know how much we love going to Anglesey. We love it so much that I posted a whole Anglesey Food Guide (because we have pretty much tried everywhere on the Island), which can be found here. Now one of our favourite places is The Midland Tapas and Wine Bar. We visited in both 2020, this review, and 2021 (review can be found here).

The Midland Tapas and Wine Bar King Prawns with chilli & garlic

I am a huge fan of Tapas. I love to share food (but only with people I like otherwise I tend to go a bit Smithy about food sharing) and I love to try new food that I would not usually think could be mine. 

We chose several different plates, across a few of the menu sections, to try and get a good overall opinion of the food. It was honestly all unbelievably delicious!

The Midland Tapas and Wine Bar Paella Con Pollo Y Chorizo

The Midland Tapas and Wine Bar Menai Mussels with Straw Fries

First up on our menu of the evening was the Welsh Lamb Koftas (£8.50) (the first picture in this blog). The lamb koftas had just the right amount of seasoning to really enhance the flavour of the lamb and the sauce which accompanied it just worked so well (I am really annoyed at myself that I did not make a note of it, but it was incredible). Next up we tried the King prawns in chilli and garlic (£7.40) (picture 2 in this blog) and oh my goodness the chilli and garlic with the prawns was a party in the mouth. The best prawns I have ever tasted in my life. A 10/10 from us and an absolute must if you visit for dinner!

The third dish we tried was the Paella Con Pollo Y Chorizo (£8.90) (the third picture in this blog). This was an ok dish. I think it was only rated as ok, because our other selections were parties for our tastebuds. I was slightly disappointed with the paella and it is not a dish we would be ordering again. 

The Midland Tapas and Wine Bar Shakshuka

Dish number four on our tour of the menu was Mussels in a marinerie and cream sauce (£8.20) with straw fries (£3.90) (the fourth picture in this blog). I'll be completely honest and let you know that I do not really like mussels, I am majorly weirded out by certain seafoods, but this was really nice. The sauce complimented the mussels perfectly and wasn't too salty and the fries were lovely dipped in the sauce (if you are not sauce dipping even at a fancy restaurant what is wrong with you!).

Dish number five was the beautiful chorizo midland fries (£7.50) (the fifth picture in the blog). Delicious potato cubes with tomatoes, onion, peppers, chorizo and topped with a fried egg. All of the flavours were very complimentary and I am a huge fan of shakshouka. 

The Midland Tapas and Wine Bar Scallops

Dish number six was delicious scallops (£8.50). The sauce, the crispy bit of meat (no idea what it was or why it was added, but it was genius) and the way they were cooked was just perfection. Another dish that we 10/10 recommend and would have again in a heartbeat. 

The Midland Tapas and Wine Bar Patatas bravas

The final dish on our little menu tour was the patatas bravas with spicy bravas sauce and aioli. Another 10/10 combination and definitely recommend as a staple part of your order when you next visit. 

All in all we had an incredible visit to The Midland Tapas and Wine Bar. The food was incredible, the staff were also incredible and all in all we just had a wonderful time in Beaumaris visiting castles, pubs and eating amazing food - what more could you want. 

We will be back to visit The Midland, this week actually, but checking out their sister restaurant in Conwy after we have been to Conwy castle as a part of our Castle Casanovas challenge. 

I hope you have enjoyed our little tour of the Midland menu from 2020 (that was actually two years ago, which is honestly insane when you think about it. I feel I have blinked and fast forwarded a chunk of my life!). Stay tuned for more food related adventures coming in the next few weeks. 

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