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The Little Life of T Beer Advent Calendar 2022

Hello Lovelies!!

It is the 1st December 2022 and that means it is the first day of Blogmas. I have never EVER completed a Blogmas, because I have about the creativity and ability to stick to anything as a snail. I am incapable of keeping to blogging deadlines, but I am going to give this one a proper try this year (she says every year). 

For day 1 of Blogmas, I thought I would share the advent calendar that I created for Steve. The first Christmas Steve and I were together I purchased him the Beerhawk beer advent calendar. Last year I was too pregnant and tired to even think of Steve's advent calendar - I just kept buying him things like brandy sauce, mince pies and rum soaked stollen bites, which made up for it. 
This year is very different financially. Especially with me being on maternity leave and the cost of living crisis, we are feeling the pinch a little bit more and I did not have a crazy amount of money to spend on the usual pre-made calendars and a chocolate calendar just felt like too little for everything he had done for Alex and I over the last year. 

I started by considering the cheapest way I could wrap the beers. Normal wrapping paper and wrapping bottles is difficult and time consuming, plus I am awful at wrapping. I googled how to make gift bags from wrapping paper and Pinterest came through with a step by step guide. This meant I could make roughly 24 bags out of two rolls of wrapping paper. I, in my infinite wisdom, thought I could do it with only one roll hence the mix matched wrapping paper.

How to create a gift bag from wrapping paper

Step by Step guide to creating gift bags from wrapping paper:

Step 1: 

I took a length of wrapping paper and measured it against the bottle / can I was wrapping. I wanted to ensure there was enough room either side of the bottle to make a gift bag and not make it obvious it was all beer. As you can see from the above image I went a little too big with some of the gift bags, but I feel it added to the mystery of the advent calendar - for example are you getting a big beer or a little beer. 

Step 2: 

You are going to fold the wrapping paper to create two little flaps, as above, you will then sellotape the middle to create a tube.  

How to create a gift bag from wrapping paper step by step guide

Step 3: 

You are then going to go to the bottom of the tube you have created and take the two ends and fold them towards the middle to create triangles, as above. This is going to create the bottom of the gift bag. 

Step 4: 

You are then going to fold the flat sections in on themselves and towards the middle. Repeat for the bottom section and slightly overlap this to the top section. You will then secure the folds with sellotape and this creates the bottom of the bag. Please see the above picture for a better idea of what I am trying to describe. 

How to create a gift bag from wrapping paper a step by step guide

Step 5:

Stand your tube up and place your hand inside to flatten out the bottom section. You should then have a bag, which you are able to slot your beer / item into, as above. 

Step 6:

You can then fold the top over twice to create a roll top to the bag and secure a gift tag. If you are creating an advent calendar you may wish to number your bags using gift tags or sharpie. We are done! There you have a step by step on how to create a gift bag from wrapping paper - perfect if you are in a pinch or simply want to save money. 

The Beers

For the advent calendar I knew I needed 24 beers. I wanted different kinds of beer and brands and certainly beers we had not tried or beers we had wanted to try. I scouted several online websites, but quickly found that the beers with delivery costs added up and would have cost more than the ready made calendars (I know it is more the thought that counts, but hey I was trying to cut costs here as well). 

I knew this would be a bit more expensive than a bog standard chocolate advent calendar so I decided to start purchasing the odd beer here and there over several weeks as I figured every little one will add up and is one step closer to the 24 I need. I did this during the weekly food shops, if we popped out for milk, after baby sensory class or even if I was on a random walk out and about. It took probably 6 weeks to collect all the beers and meant the financial hit was not as heavy. Obviously, if you do not have time to do this I recommend searching online and seeing if you can get all beers from one shop or alternatively I really recommend Aldi's beer section - you won't find the full 24 in just the beer, but they do do other alcoholic beverages and / or snacks etc you can do. I will be making a crisp one for next year I think.

I am really happy with how this calendar turned out! I will be showing each beer on Instagram stories (I won't be posting them here as Steve will see - plus I actually cannot remember which ones I got haha) so make sure you are following along over there too. 

Beer Advent Calendar 2022

There we have our first post of Blogmas - she is off the ground HOORAY!! 

Come back tomorrow afternoon for post number 2 in the series - or if you have headed here a little later - I will make sure to link the next three posts below for you. I hope you have enjoyed this little 'come and make a beer advent calendar with me' and I am really excited to participate in the rest of Blogmas! 

Until Next Time 



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