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Sometimes things in life get stupidly tough. Trying to balance a job, university, the doomed search for a Property to purchase and the stress of having a boyfriend that is neither interested in buying this f***ing Property and quite frankly whose biggest concern is whether the lads go up a division in FIFA... Basically I think he wants to purchase the Property, but with a minimal amount of effort on his behalf. Cue 'super Tori' who attempts to juggle a million and one things whilst failing miserably.

The stresses of daily life have really built up recently and I personally knew I needed to change this, because I was feeling so lethargic and had no motivation to do anything. My whole body seems to shut down with stress so I decided to treat myself to a pamper night.

Frustratingly, we have a water tank in the flat that pre-heats water... This means we have minimal hot water (another major factor in my desperation to leave) so I have to fill the bath with all the water and then 20 kettles of boiling water to get a minimally warm bath... FML! After the difficulties I faced in even getting the hot water for the bath I was ready to give up on the whole idea and down a bottle of wine as an alternative. I persevered with the difficult task at hand and eventually, and after much swearing, I was ready to settle into my bath with a Lush Bathbomb and Sarah Knights 'Get your Sh*t together'.

Lush bath bomb review - oh so t beauty

Lush christmas bath bombs reviews

I then settled in for 45 minutes of me time with several Yankee Candles and a cup of tea... (Wine is also a great option here, but I already felt sh*t so didn't fancy adding alcohol to the mix). I must admit I felt considerably better after a little pamper session. You can pick up most Lush Bath Bombs for about £6. This was one I received for Christmas and is the 'Frozen' Bath bomb which isn't available on the website currently. As a quick word of warning this bath bomb is likely to stain your bath blue and require one hell of a bleaching afterwards...

The nspa mask was brought in ASDA for £6 around 6 months ago. The mask purifies skin, helps to unclog and tighten pores. I apply mine using an old foundation brush as it can get quite messy attempting to use your fingers. After 15 minutes my skin was left exceptionally refreshed and feeling smooth. I love the feeling after a good facemask and I always feel like I have my sh*t together for afterwards for some reason.

That leads me on to the book I read whilst in the bath. Reading is one of my favourite ways to escape, but whilst studying for your degree in any discipline you tend to only read for academic purposes. I decided to reignite my love for reading and escape into an alternative world, only to realise I had no fiction books in the Flat. Then I remembered I had brought my first ever Self Help Book (yeah... life got that bad that at 22 I was consulting the self help section of my local WH Smiths). A few months ago every blogger went nuts for the 'magical art of not giving a f*ck', but to be honest I'm already pretty chill and I realised it is likely better to read a book about getting my shit together... If I was more organised I probably wouldn't be as stressed as I am right now (I'll write a post about this rather strange book at a later date as honestly I wasn't sure it was worth the cost). To some extent the book helped me feel less stressed as I believed I was doing something towards curbing my destructive behaviours. That being said it hasn't had too much effect so perhaps if I had more self discipline this would work out better. I would advise a nice fictional read whilst trying to escape my life during a pamper evening or pop on your favourite Netflix movie/series and indulge in being able to switch off for half an hour. I know not everyone has the luxury of doing this, but I do find it helps.

These are just a few things that I like to do when I feel very overwhelmed. For those who have gone through the hell of studying for a degree or purchasing a house you can understand my frustrations and why I feel like I could implode at any given moment. Hopefully a few of my coping methods will help when it all gets too much for you guys.

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts about 'Buying your First Home', because I have so much material and tips on that, it's unbelievable!

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