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in , , by Tori Harrison, October 26, 2019
Oh So T - Manchester Lifestyle, Travel and Fashion blogger

A few weeks ago whilst feeling very hungover we decided to venture away from our lovely little home and explore what Cheadle had to offer in the way of Garden Centres. We have wanted to sort our garden out since we purchased our home in February 2019. Unfortunately, it is still a mess but we take each day as it comes, after all Rome was not built in a day.

Oh So T - Manchester Lifestyle, Travel and Fashion blogger

As a typical Brit, when you are hungover what is the first thing you reach for? Obviously, a full English breakfast. I mean what a bloody good breakfast it was too, just look at it - I'm starving just thinking about it... 

Oh So T - Manchester Lifestyle, Travel and Fashion blogger

The cafe is quite hidden within the garden centre and is set within a conservatory style setting. The Secret Garden Cafe has a very rustic and homemade feel about it, which I absolutely adore. The food was reasonably priced around £8.00 per breakfast and we had a lovely afternoon sipping on tea and relaxing watching the garden centre go by. The staff were really helpful and made our time at the Secret Garden Cafe very enjoyable. It really was the perfect hangover cure for me. 

As we were feeling a little more refreshed we headed to Sale water park where we spent the rest of the afternoon getting some fresh air and spending some time with ducks, Canadian geese and their little babies. 

Oh So T - Manchester Lifestyle, Travel and Fashion blogger

I couldn't believe how close they let me be to them whilst they were paddling. It really was a surreal moment as I don't think I've ever been that close to ducklings before. There were lots of children feeding the ducks as well and if you fancy a cheap day out, I highly recommend a trip to the Secret Garden and then a walk around Sale Water Park.

Let me know what you like to do on those hangover days?

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