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LJMU Graudation day - Law school graduate 1st class Honours Law degree

For those who don't know, and if you don't you're either new here or lived under a rock for three years, but I am ALMOST a fully qualified solicitor. To get to this point I studied three years of a Law and Criminal Justice degree and I came out with a First Class Honours (LLB), because ya girl is a nerd... [Disclaimer: I am reclaiming that word as I am a law nerd and I love it]. 

I'm currently studying the Legal Practice Court combined with my Masters... Woohoo to Lawyer Life! A few people have reached out to me on Instagram and asked me what my top tips for university are and how to obtain that First Class Honours. I am not an expert in this area and only studied for Law so your course may be different, however here are a few of my top tips for success at university. 

Learn what you can at home - By this I mean learn the basics, learn how to iron and wash your clothes. Learn how to cook the staples so you can make some healthy go to dinners - This one will save you a lot of money. Learn everything from your parents about surviving before going to university. Your flatmates don't want to be your Mum and please, please, please remember to take your hair out of the plughole... Your flat mates are also not a clean up crew. 

Make a list of things you need and think ahead for Christmas - Before going to the shops and splurging, make lists of things you need. I always stick to the list, even now, and it stops the temptation of the Lidl/Aldi middle aisle. I would also say think about what staples you seem to be missing, for example a slow cooker could be handy for batch cooking or a new laptop etc if your parents ask what you want for Christmas think about asking for those big things instead of spending your loan - More drinks for you then, which is a bonus!

Manage your time - I cannot stress this enough, but really plan and manage your time well. I made myself so sick during second and third year due to stressing myself out due to not planning my time effectively. I could have saved myself a hell of a lot of tears had I planned properly and outlined each module with a clear plan of what I needed to do and when. Also, drafting assignments doing all nighters and panicking are not the way to succeed at university - Learn from my mistakes!

Budget - I can see Andy nodding his head at this, but I am bloody awful with money. I always have been and I'm working on  it. One of my friends had a great planner where she outlined her money each month, almost like a salary. She knew when she had funds to splurge on a few coffees but she also knew when the big stuff was due like her rent. Budgeting is such a brilliant lifeskill to have and if you can master it during university, you'll be set for life. 

Make the most of First Year - For me first year didn't count towards my grades, I just had to pass and providing you do the reading for the assignments and revise you will smash first year. Whilst the pressure is off do a bit of exploring, join societies, make friends and party. You'll regret it by second year, because the pressure is really cranked up. I'm lucky that I met my group of uni gals during second year - The ones from First year were just too much drama - but a lot of people had established groups that were hard to integrate into!

Read the prescribed reading, but mainly the footnotes - If I had done the prescribed reading during First and Second year I wouldn't have had such a panic during Third year trying to get my First! The reading isn't there to be a pain in the ass, although it can be hella long, your tutors give you the reading to help you achieve your best grades. My best quotations and most insightful paragraphs were from quotes in the footnotes of the books. My best arguments were from the pointers in the textbooks and my best moot, was drafted by me, but all the pointers and top tips came from the footnotes in the book.  I cannot stress this and if you read effectively, you'll boost your grades by 10-15% every time. 

BE YOU - You can read yesterday's post about growing and being you. The best people in my life I have met through being me. Being the real me and not the version of myself I think the World wants to see. You may feel isolated at first, but that is ok. Everyone feels overwhelmed and homesick but if you stay true to you, you'll meet the right people and don't worry if those aren't the people who you meet in the first week of uni - I no longer speak to anyone who I met in First year haha! Stay true to you and you'll find the right people to share the crazy journey of university. 

And probably most important:

Look out for each other - My girls in second and third year got me through the toughest times of my life. My mental health was very bad during university, but no-one could tell. I had the perfect mask, which didn't slip until it was too late. If I had reached out and been more vocal or opened up my friends could have supported me during those dark times and made a real positive impact. This tip is also important for nights out, if you go there as a group you go home as a group, unless you think they are consensual adults and nothing is amiss. One of my worst nights out was when I was left alone as all the girls hooked up with someone. I got the bus back to my Nans and got followed home. It was absolutely terrifying and one of the girls drinks was spiked - you can put two and two together for yourself there - from that point on we all stayed as a group or walked our friends to taxis/ home with them. Just have each others backs as it is a bloody scary world out there.

Liverpool john moores university graduate

LJMU Graduation and graduate

I had the best three years of my life and it flew by far too fast. If I could do it all over again, I really would. It is almost a year since I graduated and I am 10 months into my Training Contract now, the time really is flying by... Just enjoy every second, because university really is the best time of your life and the rest is really just boring adult stuff - like buying houses and paying taxes... 

Until Next Time 

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