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Oh So T - Food Deliveroo

Earlier last year we headed down to the free Deliveroo Food Event. It was held at Victoria Warehouse and each group had around 2 hours to go around and get samples from each stall/ vendor that was there to display what goodies are on the Deliveroo App, if you're lucky enough to live in the city centre (Cheadle's selection is dire). 

 The whole event had really cute displays and places to sit. The event was split into three distinct sections, with Italian foods, Asian foods and meatier fast food all separated out. 

Our first stop was Pleesecakes. I don't usually like cheesecake, but it was the least packed stall and I had heard good reviews prior to the event. I had the vegan chocolate orange cake and it changed my life! I have tried vegan food before and been impressed, but this was next level. Even the major meat eater who freaks out at a vegan mozzarella stick (full blown meltdown) liked it! I wasn't bowled over by the berry cheesecake. It wasn't to my taste, however Andy quite liked it. 

Next we moved onto the Gusto stand and had their Pepperoni pizza, which was a hit and the vegetarian risotto balls. These were amazing and we were even given discount vouchers to try out the real thing. We got to relax in an Italian themed area with scenery and bar stools as well as a real vesper. 

Then it was through the tuk tuk door and into the Asian themed area. This chickpea, tomato and onion curried dish was a favourite of the day. It introduced us to food we wouldn't usually try and the pomegranate was a real twist, which was great. We also had some chicken wings in a soy and garlic sauce. Andy loved this but I wasn't keen. I was really impressed with the recyclable cutlery and plates which were used as there wasn't any plastic in sight, other than the plastic cups for drinks. 

Zumu Sushi then served up this gorgeous salmon roll, all freshly prepared. This had the longest queue of the day, but I didn't mind at all. I was extremest impressed with the taste as I adore sushi. Andy was not keen on this and I ended up with a double portion. Win win for me! 

We then moved onto Andy's favourite part of the day. The American themed diner, which served burgers (including a veggie option) and Red's True BBQ, which served up pulled pork. 

The Burgers were really tasty and we've even had a cheeky trip to Byron burgers since. Andy had the pulled pork as I was full at this point and didn't think I could eat anymore. There was a bar at the event too which served all sorts of drinks. We had a few ciders and beers in-between the areas as there was lots of places to sit down and relax. 

All in all the event was brilliant! If you saw my stories on Insta from the day (link in my socials above). 

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